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Recent Articles
  • Search is still on for missing Texas sailor from USS McCain

    Remains of some of the missing sailors from the USS McCain have been located, but the search is still on for the rest. One of those sailors that went missing in the crash is 20-year-old Texas native, John Hoagland. Hoagland was in Junior ROTC in Killeen, Texas and once he graduated high school in 2015, he immediately joined the Navy. On Monday, an oil tanker and the USS John McCain collided near Singapore. Divers continue to search the flooded areas […]

  • Fort Worth police: Man shot by officers on 820 was carrying knife

    FORT WORTH – Two police officers in Fort Worth shot a man whom they say was blocking traffic and holding a knife in the middle of eastbound Loop 820 Monday evening. Fort Worth PD received several calls of a traffic hazard on 820, near Trinity Boulevard; when officers arrived, traffic was blocked to protect the man and other first responders. “At one point, the officers were able to see a weapon on the male’s hands or body — apparently a […]

  • Heads up Texas! Texting and driving is illegal starting September 1

    DALLAS – Heads up for Texans! Texting and driving will soon become illegal in the Lone Star State. Starting September 1st, texting in the driver’s seat won’t be allowed but using your phone for GPS and music will be okay. Enforcing that is up to the discretion of the officers who say they will have a good vantage point to see driver’s phones. The first offense will carry up to a $99 fine with a$200 fine coming for a secondary […]

  • Where to watch the eclipse in the DFW

    The solar eclipse day is here and while we aren’t getting a total eclipse here in North Texas, it will still be a sight to behold. The peak time will be around 1:10 pm this afternoon for cities in Dallas and Tarrant counties. For Dallas and Fort Worth, the moon will obscure approximately 75 percent of the sun. The moon will begin its passage in front of the sun at 11:40 am and will end about three hours later. While […]

  • UT Austin removes four Confederate statues

    AUSTIN –  On the campus of University of Texas in Austin, Confederate statues have been removed from campus. A small crowd watched as, under orders from the University of Texas president, statues of Confederate figures Robert E. Lee, John Reagan, and Sidney Johnston were removed from the university’s main mall. Those statues will be sent to the Briscoe Center for Scholarly Study. The action comes after white nationalists marched last Saturday to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue […]

  • Search for missing teen in Trinity River resumes

    FORT WORTH – Emergency responders in Fort Worth will resume their search this morning for a teen who went missing in the Trinity River. Crews responded to the river around East 4th Street in downtown Fort Worth last night, searching for a missing teen who went underwater and did not resurface. According to some accounts, the boy was fishing with a relative when he went under. Multiple divers were in the water while additional units searched the riverbank. Due to […]

  • Bullet train from Dallas to Houston is in the works

    HOUSTON – The city of Houston and a private company have signed an agreement to plan the development of a high-speed train between Houston and Dallas. “This is a great day for Houston, for Dallas, but it’s a great day for the state of Texas,” said Houston Mayer Sylvester Turner. “This train moving forward to me is a signature moment for the state of Texas. A signature moment that says that in Texas, in Houston, we still dream big and we […]

  • Jack Daniels acknowledges brand’s first master distiller was this slave

    Jack Daniels has finally acknowledged who the brand’s first master distiller really was. Turns out, it was a Tennessee slave named Nathan “Nearest” Green. For years, Green’s legacy as the person who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey was considered a well kept secret, but in 2016, the brand publicly embraced Green and began incorporating him into distillery tours. “While slave labor was a part of life in the South prior to the Civil War’s close, Jack Daniel not only never […]

  • Study says lying is good for you 👀

    Who hasn’t told a little white lie every now and then? You may want to consider doing that more often. Those little fibs may be good for you, and that’s no lie. An author in the UK has written a book revealing how lying can improve your relationships, your career, and even boost your health. Some examples include saying “I’m fine” when we’re feeling miserable. Who hasn’t done that? Another interesting one is saying, “What a cute baby,” even though […]

  • Teachers are sharing how to address racism in the classroom on Twitter

    In the aftermath of the Charlottesville violence, writer Melinda Anderson noticed a problem. In a series of Twitter posts, she points out that teachers, more than 80% of which are white, are now being put in a position where they have to address racism with their students, many without guidance or resources from their administrations. How can you expect black children, especially, but any children of color, to feel safe & welcome in a school named after a segregationist? — Snowflake […]