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  • Flamin’ Hot Cheetos movie in the works, but it’s not what you think

    There’s apparently going to be a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos movie. Yes, a movie about the popular chip. “Flamin’ Hot’ will be a biopic about Richard Montanez, the creator of the popular snack food. This guy’s story is amazing. He started as a janitor at a Frito Lay plant in California in 1976. Montanez eventually worked his up the company’s food chain and was inspired to add chili spices to Cheetos after he saw someone add butter, chili, and cheese to […]

  • Emotional support dog bites child on flight

    An emotional support dog bit a young girl’s head before a Southwest Airlines flight Wednesday, leading to the removal of a passenger from the plane and a 20-minute delay, CBS News reports. Southwest spokesperson Melissa Ford tells Bloomberg the girl, who is around 6 years old, approached the dog despite being told to stay away by the dog’s owner. Ford says the dog’s teeth “scraped” the girl’s forehead, breaking the skin. Passenger Todd Rice tells CBS the girl “was screaming and crying.” He […]

  • Parents protest against not to install metal detectors in schools

    LAUREL COUNTY, Kentucky – In light of the shooting in Parkland, Florida and others like it, parents, teachers, lawmakers, and students alike have all wondered how to protect kids on school property. Some have suggested arming teachers. Another suggestion floated around installing metal detectors in schools. On school district in Kentucky had the opportunity to do just that, but they’ve refused. And now, parents and teachers are protesting. Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Laurel County Board of Education earlier […]

  • Teachers create #ArmMeWith hashtag to combat teachers having guns in classrooms

    The latest hashtag movement to take the internet by storm comes from two teachers, one of which was close to someone at Stoneman Douglas High School. Olivia Bertels and Brittany Wheaton have started the hashtag #ArmMeWith to combat the idea that teachers being armed with guns will keep schools safe, instead the #ArmMeWith movement focuses on the things teachers feel will make their classrooms better for the students and that does not include guns. Teachers have been holding up signs […]

  • Ted Cruz makes ‘The Simpsons’ reference at CPAC, Democrats are the party of Lisa Simpson

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland – President Trump is set to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference this morning but senator Ted Cruz’s moment at CPAC in which he compared the two political parties to a certain cartoon family has gone viral. Cruz has mentioned his love of “The Simpsons” before. So, during his remarks, an interviewer made reference to a Simpsons episode where Homer buys a handgun to protect his family. When Homer brings up the Constitutional right to bear arms, […]

  • Dallas police offer warning signs, tips to avoid credit card skimmers at gas pumps

    DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department wants to prevent people from becoming victims of skimming. Skimmers like the one you see in the video are designed to steal payment card information from victims at the gas pump. Criminals install them inside gas pumps because customers and clerks are not able to see the device without opening the pump door. TIPS: The best way to avoid becoming the victim of skimming is to pay with cash. If you use credit or debit […]

  • Fort Worth jewelry thief caught on camera

    FORT WORTH – Take a good look at your screen! Do you recognize this man? Police say he stole $300 worth of rings and bracelets from a jewelry tray at the Jersey Lilly Silver and Stone store at 104 E. Exchange Ave. in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Store security video clearly shows the man taking the jewelry and sticking it in his pockets. Investigators say the Hispanic man was wearing a maroon baseball cap, a dark blue hoodie sweatshirt, and white […]

  • NBA fines Mark Cuban $600,000 for podcast comment

    DALLAS – More heat coming to the Dallas Mavericks. This time it has to do with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Cuban is being fined $600,000 by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for making tanking comments during a podcast with NBA legend Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving. In the podcast, Cuban said it’s in his team’s best interests to lose on purpose for the remainder of the season in order to get a better NBA Draft pick. The Mavs currently have the third worst record […]

  • North Texas police offer driving tips during flooding rains

    NORTH TEXAS – Several North Texas police departments are urging people to take precautions on the roads. Heavy rain may lead to flooding in general areas. Police say if you encounter flooding, ‘Turn around, don’t drown.’ Here are some safety tips from Fort Worth police: Never drive around barricades Be especially careful at night and early morning as it can be difficult to see water and its depth across the roads Reduce your speed in rain Never enter flowing water […]

  • Dallas Mavericks react to Sports Illustrated article alleging ‘predatory sexual behavior’

    DALLAS – The Dallas Mavericks are making headlines early this morning as the organization is being accused of “predatory sexual behavior” in what some employees call an open secret. Sports Illustrated conducted a month-long investigation and published that article last night. They discovered that a former high ranking executive might have acted inappropriately with woman in the company through several years. The magazine identified that executive as former team president and CEO Terdema Ussery. That executive left three years ago. Mark Cuban […]