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Hey hey! I joined the Newsfix team as a Reporter/MMJ back in August 2017 after reporting for two years in Flint, Michigan at WEYI/WSMH.

I’m originally from South Carolina, and I received my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from USC (the real one!) before reporting at my first news station in Augusta, Georgia.

I’m a small town girl, and the DFW has A LOT to offer, but I’m doing a pretty good job of exploring–especially at all of the restaurants!

Story ideas or tips? Hit me up!

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Recent Articles
  • Fitness program helps special needs clients sweat it out at the gym

    MCKINNEY – There’s one trainer in McKinney who’s pretty special. And his clients? Well, they’re pretty strong. Daniel Stein doesn’t believe in the word “can’t.” After prepping for years, he started up Special Strong, a fitness program made to help people with special needs find their inner gym rat. “We don’t see limitations, we don’t see barriers, we don’t even see disability,” Stein said. “We find out what they can do, and then we empower them to do even more.” From […]

  • Dallas Love Field officials want birds to get the flock out of the way

    DALLAS- Birds have been known to cause problems from time to time, and some of those issues are out at Dallas Love Field airport. They’ve reported 180 bird strikes this year! Now, Love Field is looking to install some new technology to make sure the birds don’t ruin your future flights. “Modern jets are built to withstand about a five pound bird,” Dallas Love Field communications manager Chris Perry said. “Where the real danger comes in is when a flock […]

  • Ruff Life: Cata’s living the “lounge life” after finding her forever home!

    DALLAS- Cata definitely had a rocky start before Dallas Pet’s Alive! scooped her up. “We thought she was pregnant,” said Haley Edman from Dallas Pets Alive!. “Come to find out, it seemed she had some abscess in her belly and she was actually really sick.” But now, this girl’s just ready to kick back and relax like the princess she is! “I knew it was a match made in heaven when they said her favorite activities were sun bathing and […]

  • Sunnyvale ISD shuts down after flu outbreak

    SUNNYVALE- Flu season’s here, and we’re already seeing the germs go to work. The Sunnyvale ISD shut down operations until Thursday after too many of their students and staff were absent with the flu. “This is the first time in 11 years that I’ve had to take this step,” superintendent Doug Williams said. Cleaning crews went to war with any viruses left lurking on campus, to make sure teachers and students will have a fighting chance when they get back. […]

  • Call of Duty comes to Dallas with a $200,000 prize

    DALLAS- You might wanna to rethink hassling your kid about playing too many video games. You could be cheating them out of some big money! “It’s like more of my job, I would say,” said one man competing in the tournament. “I understand people when say it’s ‘just a game.’ I try to explain, ‘I can make money, I can support my family, just playing a game.'” Dallas is hosting a Call of Duty World League Tournament, and the grand […]

  • Man meets Frisco firefighters who saved his life

    FRISCO-  It’s not often that firefighters get to meet the people they save, but today it was just par for the course. Steve Post had a heart attack while playing the 13th hole at a Frisco golf course last February. Fire crews arrived on scene and hopped in a golf cart to go save him. “It took a couple of months to put it together, but today I finally get to meet the gentlemen that saved my life,” Post said. […]

  • Dallas police investigating several assaults in Uptown

    DALLAS- Turns out that even Uptown Dallas isn’t completely safe these days. “They’re so many street lights and there’s the little call boxes around here, so I expected a little bit more protection,” one Uptown resident said. Girl, so did we. Police say there have been several assaults over the past 14 months occurring between 12:45am and 2:30 am. The really scary part? Some of the women were right outside of their apartments when attacked. So what can you do to […]

  • Church leaders meet to discuss safety options after mass shootings

    PLANO- We’ve seen what happened to innocent church-goers at First Baptist of Sutherland Springs and Emanuel AME in Charleston. Now congregations are fighting back. “Things have changed in our country, including in our churches,” said pastor Mike Buster. “We have to be more aware than ever of who’s coming into our churches.” Are you still safe praying in a house of worship? Nearly 700 church leaders met in Plano Tuesday morning to make sure that answer is “yes.” “Whatever the […]

  • Richardson community remembers the life of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews

    DALLAS- Confusion, anger, grief. We’re all still trying to process the death of Sherin Mathews, a 3-year-old whose adoptive parents reported her missing, but then claimed she choked to death while drinking milk. Community of Christ Church in Richardson held a special memorial service Saturday morning for little Sherin, giving those who’ve followed the case an opportunity to grieve a life cut short. “Just at a loss for words. How could someone take something so precious,” said one mother at the […]

  • Woman hit and killed in accident after helping save accused drunk driver

    DALLAS- Laride Conerly witnessed a good samaritan get killed after stopping to help an accused drunk driver crash his car. Police say 25-year-old Delveltric Adair, crashed his car into a guardrail Thursday night. “All I can see is that lady lying [there], and we’re all standing around,” Conerly said. “Can’t do nothing for her…when she was trying to do something for everyone.” Conerly says after the crash, the woman rushed out of her car, pulling Smith to safety. She went […]