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Hey hey! I joined the Newsfix team as a Reporter/MMJ back in August 2017 after reporting for two years in Flint, Michigan at WEYI/WSMH.

I’m originally from South Carolina, and I received my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from USC (the real one!) before reporting at my first news station in Augusta, Georgia.

I’m a small town girl, and the DFW has A LOT to offer, but I’m doing a pretty good job of exploring–especially at all of the restaurants!

Story ideas or tips? Hit me up!

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Recent Articles
  • Man charged with murdering elderly woman; may be linked to other murder attempts

    PLANO- Billy Chemirmir is sitting behind bars after police say he murdered 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in her Dallas home earlier this week. But the cops don’t think this was his first offense. “We know that Richardson may have one or two cases there, other cities may as well,” said Plano Police Chief Gregory Rushin. Police in Plano say Chemirmir is also suspected in a case where a 91-year-old victim was smothered with a pillow until she passed out. “During […]

  • Attorney says gas leak issues indicate larger infrastructure problem

    DALLAS – Dozens of families in northwest Dallas have been living away from home for the past three weeks while Atmos Energy rips up pipes in their area following a deadly natural gas explosion killed a 12-year-old. “There’s been crews here non-stop, there’s been a lot of traffic with all the trucks,” one resident said. “So, I do think that they are working around the clock. There’s only so much man power they have.” Atmos says they’ll be installing polyethylene […]

  • Ruff Life: Zuzu’s keeping things quiet in her new home!

    DALLAS — Nobody knows peace and quiet quite like ZuZu! “She’s very lovable,” said Viki Besch, who adopted ZuZu. “She can’t see and she can’t hear, so she goes by touch and by smell.” Besch found ZuZu just before Christmas at Dallas Pets Alive!, and knew that Saint Nick himself couldn’t have picked out a better dog. “She kind of wanders around in the house,” Besch said. “She likes to eat, and she likes to sleep, she doesn’t bark at […]

  • Experts meet with Plano city council over water concerns

    PLANO- The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has spent the past week assuring Plano residents that their water is safe to drink after some residents complained that it smelled a little, and had a weird taste. Plant officials made a special presentation to the city council Tuesday night to prove what they’re doing to the water is a routine process that they’ve conducted yearly for about a decade. “We turn the ammonia off for a 28 day period, and […]

  • The Compassion Experience comes to Plano, demonstrating life in an underdeveloped country

    PLANO – The Compassion Experience has rolled into Plano this weekend, offering families the chance to learn what it’s like living in an underdeveloped country through the eyes of a child. “It sheds a light on what’s really happening around you and our lush lives that we have,” one woman said after completing the tour.  “Even when we think we have it bad, there are people in other places that have it a lot worse than we do.” The free […]

  • Erin Brockovich takes on the North Texas Municipal Water District

    PLANO- To drink, or not to drink? That’s the question some Plano residents are asking because their water’s had a little bit of a smell lately. It’s got clean water activist Erin Brockovich is coming after the water treatment plant. “We’ve been doing it for a about a decade,” said Mike Rickman from the North Texas Municipal Water District. “What we do during this period is turn the ammonia off so you’re getting chlorine, just regular chlorine without the ammonia…you […]

  • Two injured, one missing after chemical fire and explosion in Cresson

    CRESSON- Emergency crews battled a fire southwest of the metroplex in Cresson, Texas for hours after a workers say a spark caused a chemical fire at a Tri-Industries Plant. “We sent crews out, and as soon as they got out there, they called for help,” said Mayor Bob Cornett. Inside the plant water or solids are blended with highly concentrated chemicals. 12 people were in the area when the explosion happened and two were sent to the hospital with injuries. One man […]

  • Ruff Life: Basie’s lost a leg, but she’s ready to run right into her forever home!

    DALLAS- Basie may be one leg down, but you’ll still need your energy to keep up with this girl! “She had a severely broke hip and leg when she came into the program and it had to be amputated,” said Victoria Mitchell from Dallas Pets Alive!. “But now she’s fully healed from all of those issues, her foster mom and dad have taken really good care of her, and now she’s just looking for that forever home.” Basie’s been through […]

  • Can you score those hard-to-get concert tickets? Gotta beat the scalpers!

    DALLAS – We know people around here are serious about their concerts, and we’ve got some big names are rolling through soon. Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, T. Swift, Queen Bey and Jay Z are all heading this way, but the question is will you even be able to get in the building? “With the bigger venues in Dallas, if you’re a true fan, you’ve got to be willing to spend close to $1000 just to get close to a stage,” said Hannah, […]

  • Volunteers clean up slave cemetery in Irving

    IRVING- Shelton Bear Creek cemetery sits high on a hill overlooking HWY 161 in Irving. It’s a small plot of land, but researchers believe it’s the resting place for over 200 slaves and slave descendants. “The first time I stepped foot in this cemetery, there were cows and cattle dung all over the place,” said Anthony Bond of the Irving NAACP. “I dropped on my knees and cried like a baby…today, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.” Groups of all […]