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Hey hey! I joined the Newsfix team as a Reporter/MMJ back in August 2017 after reporting for two years in Flint, Michigan at WEYI/WSMH.

I’m originally from South Carolina, and I received my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from USC (the real one!) before reporting at my first news station in Augusta, Georgia.

I’m a small town girl, and the DFW has A LOT to offer, but I’m doing a pretty good job of exploring–especially at all of the restaurants!

Story ideas or tips? Hit me up!

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Recent Articles
  • Ruff Life: Let Hermione bring some magic to your home!

    DALLAS — This cute girl’s been through a lot. “We got Hermione when she was only seven months old,” said Haley Edman of Dallas Pets Alive!. “We knew we had to get her on the rescue list and save her life.” But if we’ve learned anything from our time at Hogwarts, we know Hermione always bounces back! “We got her some amazing training, and she is just playing with her foster’s dogs, and she’s actually even pretty good with cats,” […]

  • Officer Matt Pearce returns to beat after being shot 7 times

    FORT WORTH – Fort Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce is back on the street beat, a day he’s been looking forward to for a while now. Just over a year and a half ago, Pearce was shot seven times while chasing down a fugitive back in March 2016. “Nothing is unsurmountable,” Pearce said.  “That was a tough mountain to climb, and I’m still climbing it. I’m not done.” With his health back up to speed, he’s back doing what he […]

  • Groups in Dallas make sure everyone’s eating this Thanksgiving

    DALLAS — Thanksgiving’s still a few days away, but we know your stomach’s already growling. That’s why groups across the DFW are making sure that this holiday, everybody eats! “We’re just showing love, you know, feels good giving back,” said a rep from Paid Dues Fitness. All Star Magazine and Paid Dues handed out more than 500 turkeys Saturday morning. Just a few miles away, Catholic Charities had the pies on deck while they served a holiday feast to low income […]

  • The connection between mass shootings and domestic violence

    GRAPEVINE — Devin Patrick Kelly. Spencer Hight. Kevin Neal. What do all these men have in common? They’re all mass shooters, but that’s not all. “There’s no such thing as an ‘innocent bystander’ when you’re talking about domestic violence,” said Deborah Lyons, Executive Director at The Gatehouse. Before opening fire on random people, the issues started at home. The Center of Disease Control says half of all women who are killed, are killed by a spouse or an (current or […]

  • Researchers report first pre-death CTE diagnosis

    DALLAS- Former Minnesota Viking linebacker Fred McNeill died two years ago, but a research study he participated in before he passed could literally save lives. “Up until just recently, the only way we could diagnose CTE was in the event of someone’s death,” said Dr. Sally Fryer Dietz, founder of Integrative Concussion Therapy. Now, that’s all changed. New developments coming from a study of McNeill’s brain are offering medical experts the possibility of diagnosing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, known as CTE, […]

  • Forth Worth PD roasts a man caught stealing quarters from a washing machine

    FORT WORTH-  We already know cops will arrest you, but apparently they’ll roast you too! “We are very funny,” said officer Tracy Carter of Forth Worth Police Department. Earlier this week, Fort Worth PD dropped a hilariously funny surveillance video of a man trying to steal quarters from a washing machine. “That’s the main part, is that we can get it out there and somebody’s going to recognize this person,” Carter said. “We used it this time to just make […]

  • Video game hero hails from Mesquite!

    MESQUITE- It’s common knowledge, when you think about Mesquite, Texas, you think fighting nazis! At least that`s what Swedish game designers think. “It’s like we have a hero,” said one man from Mesquite. “A hero from Mesquite.” A developer called MachineGames just dropped , “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.” The game’s main character is a Nazi-fighting hero who’s straight outta Mesquite! The game takes place in a world where the Nazis have occupied the United States, and the main character, […]

  • Pet parents celebrate ‘Pupsgiving’ to raise money for homeless animals

    DALLAS — Everybody knows dogs are the life of the party! Saturday’s turn up? Pupsgiving!! “Spending time with our dogs. We’re just having drinks and a good time on a Saturday,” said one dog mom at the event. For this year’s Pupsgiving, Mutts Canine Cantine called out Dallas dog owners to hang out, pour up, and give back. “It’s always for the dogs, always for some sort of donation to a shelter, anything we can do to help,” said a rep […]

  • Some veterans receive a long overdue “thank you” at parade

    DALLAS- They lived through hell in Vietnam, and they were treated like hell when they got home. “There was no ‘welcome home,'” said Vietnam veteran Robert Garcia. “Nothing.” But a few decades can change everything. Today at the Veteran’s Day parade in Dallas, it was all about saying “thank you” to all veterans. “It’s a banner! It’s what I believe in. It’s what I stand for,” said Vietnam veteran Ben Rodriguez of the flag. “You see these old timers? They’re […]

  • Teen talk: Growing up with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    RICHARDSON- Being a kid can be tough. Peer pressure, depression, avoiding drugs just some of the speed bumps life can throw at you. At first look, Emily Woodhouse may look like your average 16-year-old. She loves the Beatles, hanging with her dog, Butterfinger, and she isn’t too fond of algebra homework. But every day, Emily’s fighting a battle no one else can see. Emily’s been dealing with OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, since she was in the second grade. She remembers watching the […]