I’m the Managing Editor for NewsFix. That’s a nice title for the guy who approves most of our stories before they go on the air. I also produce the weekly segments “The Real Thing?” which disproves fake news sites, and “Pothole of the Day.”

I’ve worked at television stations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Tyler, Lufkin and Sherman. I’ve primarily worked as a newscast producer, but in TV, we all do a little of everything.

Recent Articles
  • The Real Thing? Stories Claim Clinton Foundation Charged $7/Bottle for Water after Harvey Hit

    Disasters like Hurricane Harvey often bring out the best in us. It seems like everyone wants to help. Well, almost everyone. We always hear about disaster-related scams–someone trying to use the aftermath to make a quick buck. So this headline is really getting people fired up: “Breaking! Clinton Foundation sends water to Houston–for seven dollars a bottle! Yeah, some fake news websites are starting the story and counting on people like you to spread it. Look at these comments from […]

  • Pothole of the Day: Burden in the ‘Burbs

    MESQUITE–We show you a lot of potholes in the big cities of the Metroplex, but the ‘burbs get ’em, too. “We really have a lot of potholes and they need to be fixed,” David Garza told NewsFix in Mesquite. The one we found in Mesquite doesn’t look so bad from a distance. But once you get up close, you see a tire-eater. it’s on Faithon P. Lucas, Sr., Blvd. at Newsom Rd. David has a message to the city of […]

  • Six Flags Over Texas drops five flags

    ARLINGTON–Six Flags is filled with tradition. Some of us got our first jobs there. Many of us make a point of taking a family trip there every year. But one tradition at Six Flags is changing, and that is the six flags themselves: France, Spain, Mexico, The Lone Star, the U.S. Flag, and the Confederate flag. From now on, you won’t see five of those flags. Instead, you’ll see six American flags. Six Old Glories are already flying over the […]

  • Photos show attempted bombing suspect’s “bunker”

    We’re learning more about the man feds say tried to set off a bomb outside an Oklahoma City bank over the weekend. The feds say Jerry Drake Varnell called a shipping container his “bunker” and wanted to use it to make an ammonium nitrate bomb. That’s the same kind Timothy McVeigh used back in 1995 when he blew up the Oklahoma City federal building back in 1995. That bomb killed 168 people and destroyed the building. Varnell’s bomb didn’t hurt […]

  • Army Vet Helps Save Road Rage Shooting Victim

    NORTH RICHLAND HILLS–North Texas woke up to another road rage incident Wednesday morning. This time it happened on I-820 at Highway 26 in North Richland Hills. The victim was able to pull into this Waffle House for help. “He got in a road rage on the freeway and got shot through his left forearm,” Ryan Leonard said. And if you’re ever in that situation, you want someone like Ryan Leonard around. The army vet jumped into action. “I grabbed my coffee […]

  • The Real Thing? Family supposedly cremates body at Viking wedding

    You don’t hear much about Vikings these days. Okay, there are the Minnesota Vikings. and there were those soccer fans in Iceland doing a Viking chant last year. But the sailing Vikings from a thousand years ago? We don’t hear much about them. That’s why this headline’s getting attention on social media: “Family Cited for Viking Funeral on Local Lake.” The Nevada County Scooper says a family in California tried to cremate the body of a 92-year-old relative on a […]

  • Pothole of the Day: Remember the Alamo Street Potholes

    DALLAS–Today’s pothole is a two-fer. Two potholes within a few feet of each other make the bumpy brick street even bumpier. They’re both on Alamo Street in downtown Dallas. That street’s only a tenth of a mile long and it’s got two pesky potholes! And you know what a toll those rough roads can take on your car. “I had to get a whole new converter. I had to change 3 or 4 tires,” Derrhon Davis told NewsFix. He’s got […]

  • Goodbye, Valley View; Hello Midtown

    DALLAS–You’ve heard over and over about the death of shopping malls. Now you can see it happening right in front of you. Demolition is going on at the old Valley View Mall site in Dallas. It was the place to be back in the 1970s and 80s but it has fallen on hard times since then. So now, something new is in the works. “This development represents a shot of adrenaline to our city’s future,” said Scott Beck of Beck […]

  • Theater director sues Target over attack

    It’s been a rough year for Derek Whitener. The 34-year-old director at the Firehouse Theatre was attacked by two men in a Target parking lot in Dallas, January 14. He was beaten with a wooden rod and he spent two weeks in intensive care. Now he’s suing Target over the attack. “Target has been operating what I would call a criminal nuisance location,” said Chris Hamilton, Whitener’s attorney. “This lawsuit outlines hundreds of violent incidents at this store in the […]

  • Giraffe calf makes debut at the Dallas Zoo

    DALLAS–Just a few weeks after he was born, a giraffe calf made his first public appearance at the Dallas Zoo on Wednesday. “It is World Giraffe Day, so it seemed an appropriate day for us to introduce Tsavo, who is our newest giraffe calf, to our guests and members here at the zoo,” said Harrison Edell, Vice-President of Animal Operations and Welfare at Dallas Zoo. “He is about three weeks old. At birth, he was 150 pounds and about 5’11”, so this […]