I am the Executive Producer for NewsFix DFW. I have lived in Dallas since 2013. Before that, I lived in Southwest Florida for 3 years. I am originally from the Chicago area.

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    Shots fired at Dallas Police substation

    DALLAS — Early Sunday morning DPD’s South Central Patrol Substation was fired on. According to police, the gunman fired multiple rounds from the car they were in, hitting only the building. They say one cop was sitting outside in his squad car but didn’t see the getaway car. An investigation is now underway to find the person who did this. When they find the person(s) responsible, they’ll be charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. In the meantime, I’m […]

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    Warren Buffett optimistic about U.S. economy in annual letter

    OMAHA, NE — Earlier this week we told you about how some in the financial industry expect Warren Buffett to buy a majority stake in Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. Well, the billionaire businessman is back in the news. This time after the release of his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. And this year’s letter was filled with optimism about the United States’ economic prospects. He added that the build-up of wealth could be interrupted from time to time but will […]

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    Illegal immigrant with a brain tumor getting help from ICE

    ALVARADO — An icy situation is unfolding in North Texas. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – more popularly known as ICE – is detaining an illegal immigrant by the name of Sara Beltran Hernandez. She’s been in custody since being caught trying to enter the U.S. in 2015 after fleeing El Salvador. Obviously, there`s nothing wrong with ICE doing that – because that`s what they do. But she has made headlines recently after it was discovered that she has a brain […]

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    Is Warren Buffett thinking about buying Southwest Airlines?

    DALLAS — You name it, he probably owns at least a part of it. From Mars Inc. and Coca-Cola to American Express and Geico. Well, it now seems billionaire investor Warren Buffett has his sights set on another industry takeover: the airline industry. Last year, Buffett’s company – Berkshire Hathaway – started gobbling up airline stock, including Dallas-based Southwest and Fort Worth-based American Airlines. In all, he spent billions and now owns just under 10% of both North Texas-based airlines. […]

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    What a mug! Man with black ink all over his face tells Denton police he is ‘the law’

    DENTON — One is a mugshot of a man – not on drugs, the other is a mugshot of the same man apparently on drugs. Yeah, a few Denton police officers had a weird one on their hands this week when they ran into Joseph Augustini walking down W. Hickory Street shortly before 11:00 am. Police say Joseph tried to tell them he is “the law,” and that he was only interested in “the whole truth and nothing but the […]

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    Make someone else’s day better with a random act of kindness

    DALLAS — A simple smile you throw a stranger’s way or holding the door open for someone else are two ways you can make someone’s day that much better during Random Acts of Kindness Day. Well, one Dallas company – Merriman Anderson/Architects – went above and beyond by handing out free donuts and coffee to Friday morning commuters. “The work week can get a little mundane. Same ole’, same ole’ all the time. So we’re just trying to brighten it […]

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    TravelFix: How far does $10 go in New York City?

    NEW YORK, NY — These days $10 doesn’t seem like a lot. Seriously. How much can you get with a Hamilton? In short, it depends. And thanks to the traveling man himself – Drew Binsky – you’re about to find out just how far it can get you in a city such as New York. “It’s funny because a lot of people think New York City is very expensive, and it actually is very expensive,” said Binsky. “But there are […]

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    Adult swaddling is a hot new trend in Japan

    TOKYO, JAPAN — It’s a common thing to see done with babies: swaddling them. It’s where you snugly wrap a baby in a blanket and is supposed to help a baby feel warm and secure. Well, these days, babies aren’t the only one being swaddled. Adults are now getting in on the action. And believe it or not, it’s one of the hottest new trends in Japan – especially for new mothers. It supposedly helps women, for example, with post-pregnancy […]

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    TravelFix: Zika free travel

    HANOI, VIETNAM – So you’re looking to get out of dodge for a much-deserved vacay, but you and your significant other are also trying to start a family?? Well, that can really throw a wrench into your travel plans, because Zika is still a very real problem. However, according to our world traveler – Drew Binsky – there are still plenty of great places you can visit. “The first country, really the only country in the Caribbean that is known […]

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    Like chocolate and toys? Here are a couple jobs you should consider

    EAST HANOVER, NJ – Every chocolate lover’s dream could become a reality. The company behind some of your favorite treats – like Chips Ahoy and Oreo – called Mondelez International just listed an ad on LinkedIn saying they’re looking for part-time chocolate testers. Where do you sign up, right?! Well, before you drop everything to munch on chocolate all day long, you’ll want to know – the job’s in England. But if this is for you then this may be […]