I am the Executive Producer for NewsFix DFW. I have lived in Dallas since 2013. Before that, I lived in Southwest Florida for 3 years. I am originally from the Chicago area.

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    Class Act: Arlington Heights Senior Heads to D.C.

    ARLINGTON — When it comes to the future of this country, you have a good feeling it’s in good hands when you meet someone like Austin McBee. And that’s exactly why he’s this week’s Class Act. Austin is a senior at Arlington Heights Highschool, and when he’s not in class – yeah – he likes hanging with his friends. “I’m just a typical high school kid. Like to hang out with my friends, go to movies, go to sports games, […]

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    TravelFix: Drew Hits up the Middle East

    VIETNAM — The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 has been full of exploration for our travel companion – Drew Binsky. “I went on a 9 day trip in the Middle East by myself. I went, in order, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait,” said Drew in a Skype interview with NewsFix from Vietnam. “I met so many amazing people, and they were very hospitable. “The highlights of the trip were, in Oman, I went on a desert camping trip […]

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    Waitress Note: ‘Great Service, Don’t Tip Black People’

    ASHBURN, Va. – A Virginia waitress says she was stunned after receiving a racist message on the bottom of a check Saturday morning. Kelly Carter, a server at Anita’s New Mexico Style Café in Ashburn, said that the couple seemed friendly, so she was totally taken back when she read a note on the receipt saying, “Great service, don’t tip black people.” “I just looked… Three times actually,” the long-time server told DCW50. “The message that I would like for them […]

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    The New York Restaurant That Only Allows Grandma to Cook

    NEW YORK, NY — Who doesn’t love grandma’s home cooking?! No restaurant even compares to it! Well, that is – until now. “I’m the owner of Enoteca Maria, where we feature grandmothers from all over the world,” Jody Scaravella told the Gothamist. Yes, his Staten Island restaurant brings grandma’s home cooking to the masses, and just like the owner eluded too, the only ones that do the cooking in his kitchen are grandmas. “Every single day we feature 2 grandmothers. […]

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    Consumer Credit Card Debt Inches Toward $1 Trillion

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s probably safe to say – the 2016 shopping season was a successful one. Consumers spent a lot of money on friends and family, and you probably ended up getting some pretty cool swag in the end. The bad news? Our friends and family love you so much – they’re willing to go into massive amounts of credit card debt for you. According to Wallethub, consumers will end the year about $80 billion more in credit card […]

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    Ebola Vaccine Thought to Give 100% Protection

    LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM — It’s a major victory in the fight against Ebola, and it might actually be a fatal blow for the virus. That’s because an experimental vaccine was found to be 100% effective, according to the medical journal – The Lancet. The vaccine was given to over 5,000 people in Guinea who were in close contact with patients who had the disease, and none of them ever got Ebola. It was in September of 2014 that Ebola made […]

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    What to Expect if You’re Traveling Over Christmas and New Years

    DALLAS — If you’ve already turned on that “out of the office” email reply so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season, you are not alone. AAA projects a whopping 103 million Americans will either put the pedal to the medal and drive somewhere or snuggle up next to a complete stranger on a plane, making it the busiest travel season on record. In other words – no matter where you are – the roads will be jammed […]

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    Four of the Strangest Christmas Traditions There are

    DALLAS – It’s the Christmas season and it seems like everyone has a tradition of some sort come this time of year. Whether it’s opening those gifts stuffed in the stockings on Christmas eve – or leaving cookies out for Santa. But if you think your family’s traditions are strange – wait until you hear about these: The flaming Yule Goat. And before PETA gets their panties in a bunch, it’s not a real goat. It’s a goat made of […]

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    88-Year-Old North Texan Finds New Purpose With Stained Glass

    GARLAND —  Anthony Carrillo is 88 years old and has recently found a new purpose in life that keeps him going strong: making stained glass art. “What got me started in making things here, was about 4 years ago Brookdale was thinking about making a chapel, and I made the first praying hands for that chapel,” Carrillo tells NewsFix. He thinks he’ll be able to keep doing the art for some time. And let’s hope he does because his art […]

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    Donald Trump to Keep Side Gig as President

    NEW YORK, NY — Side gigs are all the rage these days. You’ve got Uber promoting themselves as a part time job. Then there’s Lyft, Favor, Doordash, and about a gazillion other things you can do to make some extra cash. In fact, these part-time jobs are so popular – more and more politicians seem to be picking them up. We told you about the U.S. Senator from Nebraska that picked up a shift or two as an Uber driver […]