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Wife, mother, digital news producer, educator, dog walker. Not always in that order. Media alumna The New School & UNT

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  • Meet the woman who gave it all up to save baby goats with special needs

    FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Sixty miles west of New York City, away from the lights, the traffic and the chaos, lies a place where nature calls the shots, hay is a hot commodity and the natives have their own language. At this New Jersey farm, it’s the goats that run the show. Their caretaker is Leanne Lauricella, a former New York City event planner who, one day in 2014, took a step back, looked at her life and realized she […]

  • Watch this brick-throwing criminal accidentally knock out his accomplice

    CHINA – Two would-be thieves each brought a brick; one throws it, but the other one blows it. Dang the luck!! Surveillance cameras were watching as the burglar wannabes in China tried to break into a building, but their crime spree went terribly wrong — that does NOT happen often enough, right?? — and karma got the best of them this time. Security video shows the pair walking by the building, dum dee dum dum dum, looking around like sightseers […]

  • Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall now in uniform after passing peace officer exam

    DALLAS – Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall is wearing a new outfit at work. To be a uniform-wearing, weapon-carrying peace officer in Texas, Hall had to pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement’s certification exam — and she did! TCOLE test done! Passed! Ready to get back to work! pic.twitter.com/1fV482pgOz — U. RENEÉ HALL (@ChiefHallDPD) February 15, 2018 Hall moved to Dallas from Detroit last fall to take over as chief. Up to now, Hall has run the force […]

  • People are being sent sex toys anonymously and Amazon can’t make it stop

    Dozens of people across the US and in Canada have been receiving unexpected packages from Amazon and… the boxes contain sex toys from strangers. And… Amazon can’t figure out how to Make. It. Stop. While some of the unsolicited parcels have random items, like Bluetooth chargers, first aid kits, record players, LED lights, etc., plenty of the Amazon boxes — the boxes we all know and smile back at — have been opened up only to reveal sex toys of […]

  • Dallas Mavericks co-founder Don Carter dies at 84

    DALLAS – DFW has lost a legend with the passing of Mavericks’ co-founder and first majority team owner Don Carter. Carter died Wednesday night at 84. Emergency responders were called to Carter’s home Wednesday, in Uptown’s Residences at the Stoneleigh in Uptown, according to The Dallas Morning News. When the Mavs won Game Six of the NBA Finals in 2011, Mark Cuban had NBA Commissioner David Stern present the Larry O’Brien trophy to Don Carter. ❤ Carter’s wife, Linda Jo, was a […]

  • Lancaster teen shot to death using 5 Miles app to buy cell phone

    LANCASTER – Police in Lancaster say a teenage boy was trying to use the 5 miles app to buy a cell phone when he was shot to death Friday night. Police say officers found Gerard Iran Cage, 18, shot multiple times after a shooting was reported at 8:36 p.m. Friday night in the 1400 block of Rockbook Street. Cage was taken to Methodist Central Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Detectives say Cage was using the 5 Miles app to buy […]

  • Whole Foods free delivery in Dallas: Amazon Prime starts free delivery today for 4 US neighborhoods

    DALLAS – Amazon Prime members in Dallas are among the lucky in the US today, as Whole Foods rolls out FREE two-hour delivery — and Dallasites are not the only Texans getting the perk. Austin neighborhoods are also being introduced to the service. Cincinnati, Ohio and Virginia Beach, Virginia will also be able to order —  and receive within two hours — most of the items their local Whole Foods stores stock. Amazon Prime members can order using the Prime […]

  • Maine woman finds PART OF a lizard in her salad

    KITTERY, Maine – There once was a woman in Kittery… whose salad turned out to be lizardy. Sorry. Michelle Carr says when she went to take a bite of the salad she made for lunch, she was expecting a fork full of lettuce and fresh vegetables but instead, lo and behold, she found a lizard — and not a tiny one, either. The lizard was about three inches long. And was missing part of its tail. “I instantly wretched and […]

  • Canadian cops suspended after consuming edible pot, hallucinating, then calling for back up

    TORONTO – Two Toronto policemen have been suspended for allegedly consuming marijuana edibles on duty. How’d they get caught? They reportedly got so high on the cannabis treats, their hallucinations made one call for backup while the other climbed a tree. Constable Vito Dominelli and Constable Jamie Young were in plainclothes surveillance about 1 a.m. Sunday when they allegedly ate the marijuana-laced products and began to hallucinate, according to CTV News. Young called for back up, telling dispatch he was […]

  • #WhataloveContest: Whataburger offers chance at free date nights for a whole year

    What if you didn’t have to worry about coming up with something to do for date night for a whole year? Whataburger’s got your love life covered, maybe. The iconic Texas burger chain has launched its #WhataloveContest social media campaign, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it’s pretty easy. Post a photo and caption of yourself on a date at Whataburger, using the @Whataburger tag and #WhataloveContest hashtag, and you’re entered for a chance at free Whataburger Date Night […]