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  • DPD Pension Crisis: Cops and firefighters rally, demanding a solution

    Dallas police officers and firefighters are demanding a permanent solution to the pension fund crisis. There are reports the fund could go to bust in 10 years unless something changes. But there’s a more urgent problem — the union says Dallas has lost about 700 cops and firefighters in the last year and a half to other cities with better pay and pension systems. So, hundreds took to the streets of Dallas Wednesday and marched to Dallas City Hall with […]

  • New study finds firstborns are more likely to become CEOs

    As if we need any more reasons to envy firstborns, a new study finds they’re more likely to become CEOs! The study by economist Sandra E. Black found that firstborn kids tend to have certain personality traits that generate career success, traits like being emotionally stable, persistent, outgoing and willing to take responsibility and initiative. And many of those increase their chances of becoming not only CEOs but government officials and other high-ranking positions. Well, we say with hard work, you can […]

  • New mud-coated Jeans for men, and transparent pants for women got people talkin’ on Twitter

    Fellas, are you trying to find ways to toughen up your wardrobe and give off the “been sweatin’ all day” look? Good news, Nordstrom has just the product for you. But you’ve got to pay more than $400 for them! They’re the “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans,” which come with a caked-on muddy coating. But who in the world would pay that much money for some mud on their jeans? Well, it’s a look that will sure turn heads – but […]

  • Texas parents revive Blockbuster at home for son with autism

    So what should parents do when their children’s favorite store closes? Build one at home! And that’s exactly what happened here. Although Blockbuster went out of business in 2013 and closed all of its cooperate-owned stores, a few “franchisee-owned” stores still exist in the country. Including one in South Texas. But when Javier Zuniga’s autistic brother heard that It was going to close, he became really sad. So their parents decided to create a mini Blockbuster at home, and stocked […]

  • Uber SERIOUSLY promises flying cars by 2020 in DFW!

    DALLAS — Uber is making headlines, again, and this time it’s for flying cars. The company first shared the news last October, but “futuristic cars” may be coming sooner than we think. The ride-sharing company announced on Tuesday during the Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas that it’s moving one step closer to a suture where workers take to the “air” for their daily commutes. Just how soon? How about three years?! Yep, Uber says it plans to demo its first flying […]

  • A third American citizen detained in North Korea

    North Korea has detained another American citizen — bringing the total number of U.S. citizens being held there to three. Tony Ying was detained by officials on Saturday at Pyongyang’s International Airport as he was trying to board a flight to China with his wife. The 58-year-old was a teacher at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. On Monday, President Trump called North Korea a threat to the whole world, “People put blindfolds on for decades, and now it’s time to solve […]

  • The Ugly Truth: Why looks really ARE everything

    DALLAS — Know the saying, “looks aren’t everything?” Well, a new study says that’s not exactly true. Well, at least for women. Research suggests if you’re a woman with a witty personality but “average looks,” your looks will pretty much keep your status as “single.” However, it doesn’t work that way for men. According to the study out of Abertay University, if you’re an average looking man with a witty and creative personality, you still score high on the “attractive” scale… and you’re considered […]

  • Bebe plans to permanently close ALL its stores in May

    The store Bebe will soon be no more! The retailer announced Friday that it plans to close all of its stores by next month. All 170 of them. But Bebe isn’t the first brick and mortar store to shutter its doors lately. Many retailers have been struggling to stay open and Bebe is just the latest victim in the string of store shutdowns, also known as ” retail apocalypse”. The list of store closures includes teen retailer Rue 21, which […]

  • Neiman Marcus popovers with home-made strawberry butter wins Dallas’ most iconic dish

    DALLAS — If you need help finding some of the most “iconic” dishes in North Texas, Neiman Marcus is the place to be! After weeks of voting, the people of Dallas have spoken. Neiman Marcus’ popovers with strawberry butter have been voted Dallas’ most iconic dish. Not sure what that is? It’s a little baked good served with a side of strawberry butter. And get this, they bake over 40 thousand of them a week! To celebrate the win, Neiman […]

  • Time magazine releases its Top 100 Influential People list for 2017

    NEW YORK,  NY — So what do President Donald Trump, actress Viola Davis, and former athlete Lebron James have in common? They all landed on Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list for 2017! Yes, it’s that time again, and the 14th annual “it list” is out. The publication released the names on Thursday saying it broke down the list into five different categories, The Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders and Icons who are changing the world today. Each individual was […]