Jake moved to Dallas in February 2016 to join the CW33 team because he has a passion for story telling and a desire to do it in a creative way. What better channel than through NewsFix?! He worked as a sports reporter in the past, spending years in both Augusta, GA, and Johnson City, TN, covering anything from high school sports to NASCAR, the PGA, NCAA, and the pros.

Recent Articles
  • Ruff Life: Harley Quinn found her Serrano Squad

    DALLAS — Superhero love stories are well documented. Spider-Man got his upside down kiss, Superman got Lois Lane, and even the X-Men’s Beast and Mystique had their spicy moments. Not everyone gets a happy ending the first time around, though. For Harley Quinn the dog, that’s one thing she had in common with her namesake. “Harley Quinn is a two-year-old pup that not only got surrendered to the shelter once or twice. Harley Quinn got surrendered to the shelter three […]

  • Harassed by the homeless? Try proper approach before fight or flight

    DALLAS — When a homeless man attacks two women in downtown Dallas in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, people tend to take notice. “It’s scary. It’s really scary,” downtown resident David Seng said. 22-year-old homeless man Brandon Holbert told Dallas Police he did it simply because he thought the women took a picture of him. The question is, how can you avoid a similar situation in a downtown area that’s increasingly overrun with homeless? Perhaps a ‘fight’ response is […]

  • California might ban breeders from pet stores; should Texas follow?

    PLANO — The headlines are plentiful in the Big D. “The shelters are full!” “The strays are taking over the streets!” “When will we be free from this overpopulation problem?” So what do we do about it? There are plenty of plans taking shape across North Texas, but California thinks they have one that could work even better. There’s a bill awaiting the pen of Governor Jerry Brown that would force pet stores to only sell dogs, cats, and rabbits […]

  • Kidd’s Kids reunion highlights the best of any family reunion

    GRAPEVINE — A good reunion’s got emotional greetings, a healthy dose of reminiscing, and of course that one dude willing to get the party started! Kidd Kraddick Morning Show host Jenna Owens was thumbing through old Disney World scrapbooks, J-Si Chavez was challenging the dad known as “Twerk Daddy” to bust out his old moves, and Big Al Mack gave the postmortem when that twerking turned into a mock pulled muscle. “Oh, he pulled a twerk-a-zoid!” Big Al shouted. This […]

  • Guess what? Less than 100 days until Christmas!!!

    ARLINGTON — The world got you down? Too many protests, politics, and natural disasters? How about another option? Just head right through the door of an Arlington, Texas, store, and the United States of Sadness dissolves away. “It’s just overwhelming almost when you walk in the door,” North Texas shopper Pam Erlandson said. “You just cannot wait to see what’s around each corner.” Whether you believe in St. Nick or not, believe this — there’s less than 100 days until […]

  • Ruff Life: Breezy found her forever home, and you can help others do the same

    DALLAS — Sometimes a dog just stands out in the crowd. “Breezy is one of the funniest looking dogs I’ve ever seen,” Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said. “And when I say funny it’s just because she`s sporting one of the coolest mohawks you’ve ever seen on a dog.” In a world of online dating, it’s not always easy to find your match, no matter if you’re looking for people or pups. ┬áBut this one was a cinch. […]

  • Plano names shooting victims, community mourns domestic violence event

    PLANO — Meredith Hight. Anthony Cross. Olivia Deffner. James Dunlop. Darryl Hawkins. Rion Morgan. Myah Bass. Caleb Edwards. According to Plano Police, those eight names, plus another unidentified person in the hospital, are the victims of Spencer Hight’s shooting spree Sunday night. The shock of a shooting with eight victims dead is immense no matter where it happens. It hits particularly hard in a place like Plano, a place Forbes touted as the safest city in America. It may be […]

  • Shooting shakes up Plano, leaves 8 victims plus shooter all dead

    PLANO — How do you describe possibly the worst thing to ever happen in your city? Plano Police Chief Greg Rushin was given that task Monday. “We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude,” he said in a press conference Monday afternoon. “We’ve never seen this many victims before. It’s just a terrible event.” Plano and “mass shooting’ hadn’t been uttered in the same sentence until Sunday night. “I’ve lived here 22 years, and it doesn’t happen here,” Plano resident […]

  • Dallas’ 9/11 Stair Climb is a lot more than 110 flights of pain

    DALLAS — 343 firefighters, 70 cops, and nine medical technicians died on September 11, 2001. The 7th annual 9/11 Stair Climb matches a North Texas (and beyond) first responder to each of them. By the time they climb 110 flights of stairs at Dallas’ Renaissance tower, those little nameplates are much more than just 422 names on a wall. “It’s always fun talking to them,” Arlington Firefighter James Fussner said, hanging up his phone just after finishing the Climb Saturday. […]

  • Where’s PaPaw? Retired Dallas firefighter still missing 6 months later

    QUINLAN — The recording crackles to life. It was Thanksgiving, 2015, and one of Michael Chambers’ great grandsons was interviewing him. “How do you describe to someone who has never met you?” the youngster asked. “Uhh…old!” Chambers said, followed by a big laugh. “Still love to play with kids and have a good time.” That’s the Michael Chambers his family knows. On March 10, 2017 — six months ago, Sunday — that world changed. “I actually opened my car door […]