Jake moved to Dallas in February 2016 to join the CW33 team because he has a passion for story telling and a desire to do it in a creative way. What better channel than through NewsFix?! He worked as a sports reporter in the past, spending years in both Augusta, GA, and Johnson City, TN, covering anything from high school sports to NASCAR, the PGA, NCAA, and the pros.

Recent Articles
  • Mickey’s a classic, and he finally made it out of the Ruff Life

    DALLAS — Mickey Mouse’s success didn’t come in a day, and neither did Mickey the dog’s. We showcased Mick’s Ruff Life clear back in July, 2015. That was nearly two years ago! At the time, things were looking pretty grim. “If somebody doesn’t step up for him, we’re going to have to euthanize him on this day,” Dallas Pets Alive! President Leslie Sans said back then. He got just enough love to avoid stepping into the light. “Lucky for Mickey, […]

  • Anti-Immigration fliers pop up at UTA, but students aren’t moved

    ARLINGTON — It’s one of the most diverse colleges in the country — 6th among large universities according to bestcolleges.com. Even their website touts them as ‘A Community That Cares‘. Yeah, it’s easy to get rose-colored glasses on the campus of UT Arlington. Then something like Monday night happens. “I know there’s a lot of people who don’t support immigrants, but to take that extra step and to take the time to put up a poster, it just opens up […]

  • Weed water? New product promises health and energy!

    FORT WORTH —┬áLike donkeys and elephants in politics, the water vs. sports drink debate’s been going on for years in athletic circles. Now we’ve got a budding contender up in this joint, and it’s turning the hydration conversation green! “We’re getting into about a year (using it). All my arthritis, the pain’s gone,” said Gridiron MVP Water creator Darren Long. “The energy level, I haven’t felt this good, even when I was in high school.” Long played in the USFL […]

  • Everyone’s got a story at Baylor Hospital’s Transplant Reunion

    DALLAS — At Baylor Hospital‘s Transplant Reunion, everyone has a story. With 33 years worth of transplant operations there, you can imagine how many there are. Graham McMillan and Danny Kolzow got an award for theirs. You might remember them as the ‘Urine need of a kidney‘ guys! Two older men sitting together do also. They’re lung brothers! One got the left one, and the other got the right from a common donor. Another person there with a story is […]

  • 11-year-old North Texan fighting for medical cannabis

    FORT WORTH — “I can actually do things that a so-called normal kid can do.” If a normal kid is interviewing state representatives as a keynote speaker at a major conference at just 11 years old, I guess we missed the memo, Alexis Bortell! Safe to say, Bortel isn’t normal at all. She’s the face of childhood cannabis use. “I’m really proud,” she told NewsFix Saturday. “I’m probably the first kid to write a book about cannabis.” Alexis is from […]

  • Mid-April brings uneasy feelings and bad memories in the U.S.

    DALLAS — April 19, 1995, seemed like a normal day for Karen Sisemore. “I was sitting on the couch with my six-month-old newborn baby,” she remembered Wednesday. Living 15 minutes from Oklahoma City, it wouldn’t feel normal much longer. “I was watching TV when they broke in and said something had happened, and it was very scary because we didn’t know what happened,” Sisemore said. That day, 22 years ago to the day, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was […]

  • One year, millions of views, and 1400 tips later, still no suspects in Missy Bevers’ murder

    MIDLOTHIAN — 365 days is a long time. Too long for the Midlothian Police Department. “I did think there was enough uniqueness there that someone would recognize that person on the video,” Midlothian Asst. Chief Kevin Johnson said Tuesday. “It is surprising to me that that hasn’t taken place yet.” It’s been a full year since Red Oak fitness instructor Missy Bevers was murdered at Midlothian’s Creekside Church while getting ready to instruct a Camp Gladiator class. That means we’ve […]

  • 7-year-old’s non-profit brings in 26,000 pounds of food in just two months

    ROCKWALL — Remember Kaden Newton? You know, the kid boss of the food pantry-stuffing non-profit, Mac & Cheese and Pancakes! His two-month-old empire already included a thousand pound castle of Kellogg’s, but as a man of the people, even that was donated Monday. “I was so sad, but I was so happy,” he said, holding out that second ‘so’ a full five seconds. Since February, Kaden’s collected an astounding 26,000 pounds of kid-friendly food for one simple reason: “Feeding other […]

  • Rockwall 7-year-old changing lives with mac & cheese and pancakes

    ROCKWALL — The Newton family’s been hearing an awful lot of ringing doorbells lately. Who are people looking for? Seven-year-old Kaden. When a delivery man says ,”I’ve got packages for you,” these days, it’s a huge understatement. “We’ve got mac and cheese almost roof high!” Kaden said, staring up to the top of the leaning tower of mac in the family’s home. Newton has two favorite meals. “Whenever my mom says, ‘Breakfast! It’s pancakes,’ I’m like ‘Aw, yeah.’ In the […]

  • Mac & Cheese and Pancakes needs your help to win $10k for the kids

    ROCKWALL — It wasn’t that long ago that we introduced you to Kaden Newton. Ever since he was four, the seven-year-old has had a hunger for feeding other kids. Why? “It makes my heart happy,” he said Sunday. Now, almost two months after starting his own business, Mac & Cheese and Pancackes is an official non-profit, and with the help of North Texas and beyond, Kaden’s brought in an astounding 18,000+ items for local food pantries. “We’ve gotten items from […]