Jake moved to Dallas in February 2016 to join the CW33 team because he has a passion for story telling and a desire to do it in a creative way. What better channel than through NewsFix?! He worked as a sports reporter in the past, spending years in both Augusta, GA, and Johnson City, TN, covering anything from high school sports to NASCAR, the PGA, NCAA, and the pros.

Recent Articles
  • Dallas shelter reimagines rescue with new adoption center

    DALLAS — For the past 3-1/2 years, you’ve seen Ruff Life grace our airwaves once a week. Now, our Ruff Life partner, Dallas Pets Alive!, is taking rescue to the next level. The group, so good at turning pitiful pups into diamond dogs has a new plan. “We are officially launching a capital campaign to raise money for our very own Dallas Pets Alive! adoption center,” said DPA President and Executive Director Leslie Sans. That’s right! The group specializing in […]

  • How will you survive Turkey Day with your family?

    If you’re headed home this holiday season and you know you’ll be seeing your extended family, you might be wondering how you avoid the nearly inevitable family time awkwardness. Of course you want to avoid having one of those silent, never ending, clanking silverware kinds of meals, but more importantly you want to skip the fighting. Newsflash: in 2017, the Thanksgiving dinner table is more volatile than ever. On top of fun updates about your high school girlfriend and the […]

  • In order to become an Eagle, Fort Worth teen honors the dogs

    FORT WORTH — Hope you’re ready to hear about a doggone good deed. Scout’s honor on this one! When Ryan Cussnick was deciding what his Eagle Scout project would be, it seemed like a no-brainer. He’d tackle a pet project he’d been thinking about for years. “I’m doing the K-9 Memorial,” Ryan told NewsFix Saturday. “My dad was in the K-9 unit, so I thought it was a great way to show my respect for him and what he did.” […]

  • Fired Dallas County Asst. D.A. gives her side of Uber incident

    DALLAS — Behavior like this gets you a special invite! Bad Girls Club on line one! This time, though, it’s Uber edition. “I’m asking you politely to please…” Uber driver Shaun Platt is heard saying on an audio recording he released online. “No! Now I’m pissed the f*** off,” Jody Warner is heard, interrupting Platt. “Either drop me off at my house, or we’ll wait for the cops.” Warner was a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Friday night. Tuesday morning, […]

  • Was Denton apartment collapse avoidable? Tenants say absolutely

    DENTON — You probably saw the video by now. Dozens of people in Denton jumping to the music of an apartment party before the floor gave way, dropping many of them into the apartment below. But did you think about the eight young women living in the two apartments below the massive party? “The third floor was laughing at the fact that we were all soaking wet and scared,” first-floor tenet Rochelle Carney told NewsFix Monday. They were scared because, […]

  • A week after Sutherland Springs, Arlington church is fighting evil with good

    ARLINGTON — When church gets canceled, what’s your move? We hope you’re not acting like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and smashing your alarm clock! No, there was a much better choice Sunday at Arlington’s Fielder Church. “To people who can say, ‘Oh, no church? I get to stay home and just sleep,’ it’s really our body coming together,” Fielder Church member Chris Wong said, surrounded by nearly 2,000 other members. “This is the heartbeat of our church.” Fielder Church […]

  • Wedding surprise makes Veterans Day even more special for Army couple

    FRISCO — Jesse and Marie Smith seemed unbothered Saturday afternoon, just hours before they were scheduled to say “I do”. “We actually met in Afghanistan,” Marie explained. It all made sense then. We know Veterans Day is about giving thanks for the heroes who enable us to enjoy the freedoms we have, but it’s also a good time to hear the stories our heroes bring home. Many times, they have nothing to do with war. This is one of those. […]

  • If no one’s voting, why do we bother with “mid-midterm” elections?

    DALLAS — Get your vote on today? Anyone? Sure didn’t seem like it! Tuesday was that weird kind of “mid-midterm” election, the one that happens the year before and the year after the President gets elected. The question is, if no one’s showing up, why don’t we just scrap it? “No matter your political opinion, right, left, center, no matter where you are, every election counts,” said Oak Lawn resident Bruce Barber. But aren’t we better informed during big election […]

  • After church shooting, Fort Worth’s Wedgwood Baptist looks back on its own tragedy

    FORT WORTH — As hell was breaking loose in a house of God in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Sunday, memories were jolted to life in Fort Worth’s Wedgwood Baptist Church. “Even after 18 years, it’s a reminder, and those feelings come back,” Wedgwood Associate Pastor Jeff Laster told NewsFix Monday. Wedgwood doesn’t just empathize as a fellow church. They’ve been through it. “He just walked in, and I was within 10 feet and just about to welcome him,” Laster remembered. “He […]

  • Allen sports bar says no harm intended with Caitlyn/Bruce bathroom signs

    ALLEN — Dodie’s Place in Allen is learning a lesson in going viral. The restaurant, in their words, added their “newest members” in August: a door-sized Bruce Jenner on the men’s restroom and a door-sized Caitlyn Jenner on the women’s. It went widely unnoticed outside their doors for nearly three months, but not anymore! Dodie’s Place says they’re getting interview requests from across the country and as far away as South Korea as people debate whether this was a funny […]