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  • Suspect arrested in Garland Subway store robbery and rape of 2 employees

    GARLAND – Garland police have arrested a suspect in the robbery of a Subway restaurant and sexual assault of store two employees. Joshua Cook, 20, was arrested Friday at a hotel in the 3600 block of Leon and booked into the Garland Detention Center on one count of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Officers say two Subway employees were preparing to close the store Wednesday night in the 1200 block of Northwest Highway when Cook allegedly confronted them […]

  • Denison teen confesses to lying about 3 black men kidnapping, gang raping her

    DENISON – An 18-year-old woman’s claim that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted… was all a hoax. Breana Harmon Talbot ignited a sense of fear and outrage in the Denison community as well as on social media after she said three black men in ski masks were responsible for kidnapping her, taking her into the woods, and raping her. But police say her story did not add up and quickly unraveled. Police found Talbot partially dressed at a church, where she […]

  • Mysterious illness at Arlington junior high school

    ARLINGTON – A lawsuit will be underway for a mysterious illness plaguing a junior high school in Arlington. Since September, a handful of staff members at Nichols Junior High School reported symptoms of dizziness, headaches and nausea, but only while they were in the school building. Arlington ISD has conducted a number of air quality and mold tests but nothing explained the illnesses reported. Attorneys filing the lawsuit are will have a press conference this morning.

  • Fort Worth police release photo in hit & run

    FORT WORTH – Fort Worth Police are looking for the driver responsible for a hit-and-run that put a teenager in critical condition. 16-year-old Aaron Lancaster was walking home from school at Timber Creek High School when he was struck at a protected crosswalk on Alta Visa Road and Funnel Street. Police say the car that hit Lancaster continued northbound on Alta Visa Road. Lancaster was taken to a hospital where he currently remains in a medically induced coma. A witness described the […]

  • Dallas may offer photo IDs to all residents, including undocumented

    DALLAS – Dallas may soon offer photo IDs to all residents, including undocumented immigrants. Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city is studying the idea of municipal identification cards, which would include a resident’s photo, name, and address. Rawlings says the ID can help immigrants cash checks, seek employment, and more. Some worry the cards will enable illegal voting or identity theft, but Rawlings says he plans to work with several agencies to make sure the ID’s comply with all laws.

  • Ya Heard? Wyclef got arrested, Bieber got a new tattoo, and the Prince can dance…sort of.

    Today’s Ya Heard? with Boom 94.5 Wyclef Jean was briefly detained in Los Angeles in a case of mistaken identity. He was falsely identified as a robbery suspect. Wyclef posted the video to Twitter this morning. Justin Bieber got a new tattoo that he unveiled on Instagram. You can now consider your day a success and life meaningful for having this profound knowledge. Prince William dances like every dad ever. He was approximately 80% on beat. Luniz wrote a song about it […]

  • Victim’s family wants to spare death row inmate

    FORT WORTH – A death row inmate has found an unlikely ally: his victim’s parents. Paul Storey killed Jonas Cherry during an armed robbery in 2006. He’s set to be put to death on April 12th but Cherry’s parents are asking the execution be called off and Storey be instead, sentenced to life in prison without parole. The couple says they want to spare Storey’s family from the same pain they’ve felt all these years. Storey’s defense lawyers also say […]

  • Man charged with hate crime after his tweet triggered a seizure

    DALLAS – Some tweets can, apparently, be as dangerous as a gun That’s the logic behind the Dallas County indictment of John Rivello. He’s facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say Rivello tweeted animated strobe images to a Newsweek Senior Writer last December with the message “you deserve a seizure for your post.” The journalist is epileptic, and the strobe lights did, in fact, trigger a seizure. Federal authorities already charged Rivello with federal cyber […]

  • David Hasselhoff wants to have coffee with you in Plano next week ☕ 😁

    PLANO – Wanna grab a cup of coffee with the Hoff? You can, next Tuesday at XO Coffee Company in Plano! David Hasselhoff will be meeting fans, signing autographs — and maybe even pouring a few cups of Joe — between 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. on March 28. Why the special visit? Hasselhoff’s nephew, David Martin, is co owner of XO Coffee Company and the Hoff agreed to visit the new shop. Come see me at the XO Coffee Company in downtown Plano, […]

  • Babysitter who couldn’t reach 911 speaks

    DALLAS – A Dallas infant was laid to rest Monday, one week after his babysitter was unable to get through to 911. Babysitter Michaelle Cohen says her godson Brandon Alex went down for a nap and fell off the bed. Cohen says the baby’s breathing was faint and she tried to wake him up — that’s when she tried calling 911. Cohen says she dialed 911 three times, but her desperate calls went unanswered every single time. Dallas is still […]