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  • Chew on This: The Caribbean Cabana

    DALLAS – Island getaways can be pricey but if you’re on a quest for good Caribbean food, you don’t have to go too far – or pay a pretty penny. Just head to Dallas Farmer’s Market, and make your way to the Caribbean Cabana. But be sure not to request Jamaican grub. “A lot of people see Caribbean and they think Jamaica, and I tell them, ‘No we’re not from Jamaica. We’re from Trinidad and Tobago,’” owner Robert Plaza told […]

  • Diggin’ in with Diggins: Baked Salmon & Asparagus

    DALLAS – Skylar Diggins is a beast on the court, but did you know she can get down in the kitchen, too? And what the Dallas Wings guard is dishing out is easy enough for anyone to make. Now, it’s safe to say her skills stem from making lemonade out of lemons. “I tore my ACL in 2015, and I was battling back and I was really just trying to get my body right and get ready for the season,” […]

  • Chew on This: Skylar Diggins

    DALLAS – Skylar Diggins of the Dallas Wings is a lot of things. A beast on the court, a beauty, and an active figure in the Dallas Fort Worth community. But what a lot of people don’t know is that she’s just as talented in the kitchen – and it all stems from making lemonade out of life’s lemons. “I tore my ACL in 2015, and I was battling back, and I was really just trying to get my body right […]

  • Chew on This: The Cookery Dallas

    DALLAS – When Kelly Huddleston made her way from LA to Dallas, she was following her heart. “I moved here for love,” Huddleston said. “So nerdy, right? Long distance is kind of rough and we started thinking about, realistically, ‘What if I could open my own cooking school?” So that’s what she did. “I wanted to design a place where friends and family could come together to make a delicious meal and sit down and enjoy a great conversation, and […]

  • Chew on This: Empire Baking Co.

    DALLAS – April has some pretty noteworthy dates. There’s Easter, and of course April Fools Day. But did you know April is also National Grilled Cheese month? Now before you start stressing about how to make the perfect sandwich, we’ve got you covered. Tip #1: The bread is one of the most important parts. And Empire Baking Co. in Dallas has just what you’re looking for. “We’re a 24-year-old family owned bakery, specializing in bread,’ Tamie Hoffman told NewsFix. Hoffman […]

  • Breast implants linked to rare cancer deaths

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s no secret that some women desire to have bigger breasts and are willing to go under the knife to achieve an enhanced look. Well, if you’re on the fence about getting implants, a new study may burst your bubble. According to research done by the FDA, breast implants are being associated with over 350 cases of a rare cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. And as of Tuesday, it’s been linked it to nine deaths. The […]

  • Chew on This: Moxie’s Grill & Bar

    DALLAS – Moxie’s Grill and Bar in Dallas is the latest Canadian hot spot in the Metroplex. Owned by Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, the trendy, yet sophisticated decor makes for the perfect spot to catch up with friends for a drink – or grab a bite. But don’t let the interior fool you, because when it comes to the kitchen – things go from zero to 100 real quick! Just ask head chef Steven Chute, who came all the […]

  • Hip Hop Cowboys merges music and rodeo in Mesquite

    MESQUITE – Love the rodeo? And hip-hop? Well, the two are being combined, right here in the Metroplex. It’s the 6th annual Hip Hop Cowboy Rodeo. “Basically you’re listening to all the music that we love at the same time,” Craig Jackson told Newsfix. Jackson is a promoter for the Rodeo. “You riding horses and you hear rap music playing in the background or any kind of hype music to pump you up. So it’s just always a great event.” […]

  • Chew on This: Lovers Seafood and Market

    DALLAS – Looking to feed your seafood fix? Well, Lovers Seafood and Market is serving it as fresh as you can get it. And you have Chef Aaron Staudenmaier to thank, whose background is – well – very fishy. “I grew up in the lake country of Minnesota, so fish was something that was always around,” Staudenmaier told NewsFix. Staudenmaier is the restaurant’s culinary director. “Fishing was something that was part of daily life. The ocean is an amazing place; it’s […]

  • Satanic Temple hits back with anti-spanking billboard in Fort Worth

    FORT WORTH — The devil has come to Texas. Specifically Springtown, just north of Fort Worth. According to the Star-Telegram, on Wednesday The Satanic Temple put up a billboard on Highway 99 opposing the use of corporal punishment. It urges students to invoke religious rights if they experience or are faced with corporal punishment in school. The sign reads “Never be hit in school again” and directs students to The Satanic Temple’s Protect Children Project’s website. The website offers the […]