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  • Chew on This: Louie’s offers a special experience after 30 years of biz

    DALLAS – Two Midwest brothers, one passion, and 30 plus years of business. “Louie’s was a family dream all my father’s life,” Chris Canelakes told Newsfix. “We decided to name the business after my brother because he was so popular.” Louie’s, located on North Henderson Avenue, started out as a media bar. “Louie was the king of the media,” Canelakes said. “They just loved him.” And as the area changed, serving food became a demand. But despite adding new ingredients, […]

  • Chew on This: Rush Patisserie has over 10 years of sweet success

    OAK CLIFF – Deep in the heart of Texas, you’ll find a sweet little shop in Oak Cliff – Rush Patisserie. But it should be called hush patisserie because it’s the area’s best-kept secret. And after ten years of business – which is a rarity in Big D – it looks like it’s here to stay. Even though owner Samantha Rush isn’t a native of the Lone Star State. “I grew up in NYC,” Rush told Newsfix. “I ate a […]

  • Chew on This: Dallas Chefs help hurricane victims with The Giving Table

    DALLAS – Hurricane Harvey. A natural disaster that, for many southeast Houston residents, resulted in a total loss, leaving the rest of the nation at a total loss for words. And as victims rebuild, a group of a Dallas chefs are coming together to feed funds – and souls – with The Giving Table. “The Giving Table is a pretty special table to be apart of,” Chef Sharon Van Meter told Newsfix. “We have 30 chefs from Dallas coming on […]

  • Chew on This: Winners BBQ dishes out good grub and good vibes

    PLANO – The best barbeque in Texas. Face it, it’s a never ending debate. But if you find yourself in the middle of one, Winners BBQ should be on your list. Newsfix visited the Plano location, which is one of two. And as expected, there was a line. And a pretty calm one. But when we got to the back, there was a whole different vibe. And you can immediately tell who’s in charge. It’s owner De’Andre Jackson. And he […]

  • Chew on This: Soulgood Food Truck triumphs after tragedy

    DALLAS – Cynthia Nevels is a chef and health food enthusiast, looking to bring a dose of deliciousness to folks in DFW with her food truck – Soulgood. From the peach cobbler pancakes to the Vin Diezel chili dog, to the No Cluckin’ Way sandwich – it’s hard to believe everything is either vegan or vegetarian. Well her truck comes with a testimony. “Back in 2010, my son, who was born with cystic fibrosis, needed an organ transplant – a […]

  • ‘Brandon Does Dallas’ food blogger gives top tips for food photography

    DALLAS – The fascination people have with food has become quite the trend. Think about it: Can you log onto your social media without seeing a picture of a delicious burger, or colorful sushi? Heck, restaurants are even decorating to make their spot Instagram friendly. But did you know there’s an art to food pics? And no, we’re not necessarily talking about professional photographers. We’re talking about people like you and me, taking out their cell phones and devices, and […]

  • Chew on This: Dallas’ Ocean Prime has 3 tips for great steaks

    DALLAS – It’s summer, which means folks are firing up the grill left and right. And of all the meats, steak is a favorite of many. With Sunday being National Filet Mignon Day, we thought we’d hit up Chef Sonny Pache of Ocean Prime in Dallas to show us how to make a flawless filet, with three crucial tips. Number One: Temperature is key for both the meat and whatever you’re using to cook it. “We typically like to take […]

  • Chew on This: El Palote Panaderia

    PLEASANT GROVE – The dietary vegan. Definition: refraining from consuming animal products – not only meat – but also eggs, dairy products, and other animal derived substances. It’s been a thing for so many years, but with the recent spike in documentaries like Cowspiracy and What the Health? – a lot of people are making the transition to the plant-based life style. And one Pleasant Grove spot is making it easy for folks who love authentic Mexican eats. It’s El […]

  • Chew on This: Slater’s 50/50

    DALLAS – Burgers and bacon. For most folk, the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like salt and pepper. So why not have a spot that’s all about both? Well that’s the concept behind Slater’s 50/50 on Lower Greenville in Dallas. “The name 50/50 comes from it’s signature patty, which is 50% beef and 50% bacon — and it’s ground in,” Dave Coussirat told NewsFix. Coussirat is a managing partner for Slater’s 50/50. “The higher salt content of […]

  • Chew on This: Ice Cream Wasted

    OAK CLIFF – It’s summer, it’s hot, and naturally, folks are screaming for ice cream. But one woman is serving up hers – with a kick. It’s Ice Cream Wasted, a pop-up concept in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, created by a chemist whose desire to remain at her 9 to 5 was melting away. “It wasn’t because of the chemistry work, it’s because I felt like I was confined in a four wall building with no windows because you know, […]