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  • Submit your photo to the 2017 Kim Dawson Model Search!

    Welcome to the 20th year of the Kim Dawson Model Search! Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional model? The Kim Dawson Agency is looking for you! Be sure to read the rules and requirements and all of our submission tips before submitting your photos. Model Search Tips Rules and Requirements Timelines and Prizes   

  • How to get the best poses for your Kim Dawson Model Search submission

    How you pose in a photo can be all the difference between looking ho-hum or awkward to confident, flattering and artistic. If you’re perusing through the endless stream of Instagram models who seemingly never stray more than 5 miles from any given beach with an organic smoothie shop near by, you might think these people exist in precisely chiseled, shapely states of perfection at all times. They don’t. It’s all in the pose. And don’t get discouraged if you can’t […]

  • Do’s & Don’ts of Kim Dawson Model Search 2017

    DALLAS – Kim Dawson Model Search 2017 is underway! Dallas’ Kim Dawson Talent Agency has been scouting local talent this way for decades and, thanks to the success of former winners, is now followed by modeling agencies in New York and all over the world. Kim Dawson Model Search had its very first winner in 1997, a 15-year-old Irving girl named Erin Wasson (upper left in photo above). Erin has managed to keep herself busy working for brands such as […]

  • What to wear for Kim Dawson Model Search submissions

    When submitting for a model search or an audition, be sure to dress the part. Keep your clothing simple, clean and form fitting. Ladies should wear a t-shirt/tank and jeans or a simple dress with no loud patters, too many layers or anything to styled. The Kim Dawson Agency is interested in seeing something simple and minimal to show off contestants’ body lines. Guys should wear a t-shirt/ tank and a fitted pair of jeans or pants. You don’t want […]

  • Makeup and hair tips for 2017 Kim Dawson Model Search

    Recruiters are looking for a certain look when finding new models. In order to possibly be the next new face they’re searching for, make sure your hair and makeup are audition ready. Makeup When wearing makeup for model submissions or a model search, the infamous “less is more” saying applies. Recruiters want to see your face, so don’t hide it with caked-on makeup. If you must wear makeup, be sure to wear a minimal amount. If you want to smooth […]

  • Where to take the best photos for model search

    When sending in photos for model submissions, be sure that your’re taking photos that help show you, and only you. Taking photos in natural lighting can really show off your face. Also, photos of your natural smile like when you’re laughing really gives recruiters an idea of what you will look like when being photographed. Don’t submit photos of you anywhere with a busy background. The photo should highlight you and not have a distraction. So save those mirror selfies with all […]

  • 2017 Kim Dawson model search rules and requirements

    Rules and Requirements The Kim Dawson Model Search is open to girls ages 13 to 22 and guys ages 15 to 24. Girls must be between 5’7” and 6’ (without shoes). Guys must be between 5’11” and 6’3” (without shoes). No modeling experience or entry fee is required. Applicants who have entered in previous years are eligible to enter again. Applicants need not live in North Texas but must be available for photo-shoots in the Dallas area. Applications must be […]

  • How to take smart phone photos like a pro for KDMS 2017

    You’re getting ready for Kim Dawson Model Search 2017! So much to think about!! What you should wear? What about your hair & makeup? How hard will it be to make tweaks to the photos before submitting? Wait. How many photos should be submitted? What kind of poses? And what is it the KDMS 2017 winners get? When are the deadlines? How do you vote? Where are the previous Model Search winners and what are they doing now? Okay, slow […]

  • Take a look at the lives of previous Kim Dawson Model Search winners

    If you’re curious as to what it’s like being a finalist of the Kim Dawson Model Search, take a look at what some of the previous winners are up to! Clara Settje R’el Dade Colby Brittain Marisol Alfaro Rachel Thomas Think you have what it takes? Submit your photos to the 2017 Kim Dawson Model Search!

  • Tools, Apps & Tips for editing your Kim Dawson Model Search 2017 photos

    Still trying to decide which of your photos to submit for Kim Dawson Model Search 2017? Maybe we can help you narrow it down! Remember, you need two photos, one head & shoulders shot and one full body. Here’s where you can find all Rules and Requirements for KDMS 2017. Follow the tips and guidelines on the Kim Dawson Model Search 2017 page and you can’t go wrong. You may have several photos you’re considering for KDMS 2017, but each […]