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  • How to train like a superhero: form and function with Arrow

    Arrow can take down enemies with both trickster arrow shots and skilled close quarters combat. But to get to that level, it takes a lot of training….and oil. Lots of oil… In this episode of Zeus Comics Presents – How to Train Like a Superhero, Richard and MMA fighter Steven Peterson square off at The Octagon Gym and go over how Oliver….ahem…Arrow, would work in close quarters combat. Oh, and they reveal the real secret to doing those salmon ladders Oliver […]

  • How to train like a superhero: Learn to get fast with The Flash

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, ringer in beer league sports, a cross fitter, MMA fighter, or a Speedster defending Central City, speed will always give you an advantage! In this episode of Zeus Comics Presents:  How To Train Like A Superhero, we work with MMA fighter Steven Peterson at The Octagon Gym as Richard learns the importance of speed in the ring. Richard also takes speed to a whole new level and taps into the speed force himself! Videographer: Garret Dollar Editor: […]

  • Protected: News Anchor Turns Her Day Into A Musical and Here’s What Happened

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • How to train like a superhero: the Superman punch

    Maybe you weren’t born on with super powers or on the planet Krypton, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like you did. In the first episode of Zeus Comics Presents: How to Train Like a Superhero, we’ve teamed up with MMA fighter Steven Peterson and the Octagon Gym to show you how to thrown down like Supergirl and Superman. Peterson, who’s nickname is the fitting “Man of Steel”, teaches Richard how to perform the MMA move,  the “Superman punch”. Videographer: Garret Dollar […]

  • Horse racing goes to the dogs on Memorial Day

    GRAND PRAIRIE — This memorial day, people aren’t the only ones that get to watch horse racing at Lone Star Park. For their 3rd annual Lone Star Bark event, your pooch can get in on the thoroughbred races. They’ll also get a chance to race themselves! To enter your dog, visit here. Lone Star Bark will also include dog races with cash prizes, pet vendors, and giveaways for every dog in attendance. Prairie Paws Adoption Center will also be present […]

  • Community activist gives 30 homeless women the surprise of their lives

    Sponsored by Neighborhood Credit Union A fun day out; a haircut; a manicure. We take these simple pleasures for granted, but they mean the world to someone who is accustomed to living without a home. In a new series called “HomeBless Life,” Dallas-based community activist, Laterras R. Whitfield, organizes a weekly act of kindness to show homeless men and women they are valued. In a special Valentine’s Day episode, Laterras takes 30 women from the Austin Street Center on a […]

  • HomeBless Life: You’ll never look at homeless people the same way again

    You see them all over town. Asking for money on the side of the road or living under a bridge. Every night in North Texas, more than 3,000 people sleep in shelters. Nearly 1,500 aren’t that lucky, sleeping on the street. Maybe you give them a buck and you wonder why they’re on the street instead of in a shelter. You want to help. But you don’t know how. NewsFix teams up with HomeBless life to change lives. From providing a dry […]

  • Join CW33 at Free Comic Book Day at Zeus Comics

    We’re teaming up with our resident CW/DC universe experts at Zeus Comics for Free Comic Book Day! There will be over 50 free titles available, including Riverdale and other DC titles, plus you’ll get a chance to meet artist and creators! CW33 will be out with our tent and plenty of free posters! Don’t forget to to dust off the Arrow or Flash costumes (you have them, right?) because there will be a CW character costume contest with prizes from […]

  • 5 Ways To Get Help For An Opioid Addiction

    Sponsored by Santé Center for Healing In the United States, addiction to prescription painkillers is reaching historic new highs. In 2015, more than 33,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses, while millions more continued to abuse the drugs. Opioid addiction is not a moral or mental failure — it’s a medical condition that changes the user’s brain chemistry. Once a dependency on narcotics is established, freeing yourself from its clutches requires more than a strong will. Fortunately, counseling, rehabilitation programs, and medical assistance can […]

  • 5 ways to improve your life in DFW this weekend

    For many of us, the weekend entails collapsing into binge watching, pajama wearing ball of apathy. Well, not this weekend! Here are 5 things you can do this weekend to just get better at humaning, adulting, and just living. Go to an actual bookstore (or library) Introducing the Fortress of Books, our new book display system! • • • #LiteraryDallas #Bookish #BookLove #Reading #Books #Literature #ReadingIsSexy #LoveReading #BookPorn #BookCaviar #OakCliff #BishopArts #KeepItLocal A post shared by The Wild Detectives (@thewilddetectives) […]