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  • The Fitness Marshall makes North Texas bust a move!

    SOUTHLAKE, TX — If you sparkle when you sweat, this week’s Subculture is just for you. The Fitness Marshall danced his way through three DFW shows and showed us how to “sweat ourselves sexy.” Known for his energetic YouTube videos, Caleb Marshall is taking his love of dance and fitness and creating a unique way to work out! His videos reach the millions, which only means people like his moves. “Since I was a little boy, I thought I was […]

  • Case Walker: YouTuber Uses Talent to Help Kids With Autism

    DALLAS- They say music is the way to the soul, it could also be a way to make a movement. Teen internet sensation and singer Case Walker is using his talent to help DFW kids with autism. “Ever since I was little, I had the dream to reach out to a group of people and share a message  through entertainment and currently that dream is coming true through social media,” Walker said. The teen has a growing fan base and […]

  • Budding Florists: High School Program Busy for Valentine’s Day

    DALLAS — At first glance you’d think this is a behind-the-scenes look at a local flower shop, but you’d be mistaken, these are floral design students at Skyline High School in Dallas. They’ve been studying the art of arranging flowers in hopes of becoming budding florists after they graduate. “I feel like this class is helping me see that reality that’s it’s gonna be that busy and they push me to make those arrangements to see how busy I’ll be […]

  • Bullies & Brews Raise Breed Awareness

    DALLAS- Bulldogs have gotten a bad wrap lately, and No Bully Left Behind is working to change that. They are a no kill shelter saving dogs that belong to the bully breed. Located in the heart of Oak Cliff, they are all about serving the community that serves them, that means having volunteers come out to walk the pups. It is that purpose that has led Jennifer Harrell Vines to partner with the Texas Ale Project to support the breed […]

  • Little Elm Detective Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty

    LITTLE ELM — A police officer is dead after a standoff in a Little Elm neighborhood. Cops say they received a call just before 4:00 p.m. about a man with a gun. When they arrived, they heard him yelling in his backyard. That’s when they say he entered the home and shot at officers, striking Detective Jerry Walker in the neck. The detective was flown to Denton Regional Medical Center where he later died. The standoff is still underway and […]

  • Calling All Game Board Geeks!

    DALLAS-Are you a game board connoisseur? We’re not talking Monopoly or Sorry! The Board Game Geek Convention has every game you can think of! This week’s Subculture is all about having a little fun. Board Game Geek is a board gaming resource and community that started online as soon gained a following in 2005. Now, the convention brings people from all over the world together to play new and old games alike. “We’ve got about 3,000 people here and a library of about 5,000 […]

  • Brawl Bootcamp: Fighting for a Cause

    DALLAS – When you think of a barre class you may think of women exercising around a bar in a studio, but not the ladies at The Barre Code. Their Brawl-O-Ween event proved they are tough girls ready to kick butt and get out into the community. The event centered around breast cancer awareness and women’s health. The backdrop wasn’t bad either, working out on HG Supply Co.’s rooftop overlooking Greenville Ave.  The bootcamp left the ladies feeling refreshed and […]

  • Expand Your Circle with Circle Seven Five

    Looking to expand your circle? Maybe you’re looking for a new group of friends ? Well the women of Circle Seven Five want you to run in their circle. This week’s Subculture is all about making friends, being social and having fun in Dallas. CSF was born after Cassidy Fischer, a Dallas native, left for college in the Big Apple and after graduating returned to Dallas in search of the sense of community she once felt. CSF helps millennial women […]

  • No Lumberjacks Here: Students Plunge into Log Rolling

    RICHARDSON-You’ve often heard if at first you fail, try and try again. Well that’s true for many things in life, along with the sport of log rolling. Students at the University of Texas at Dallas are getting firsthand experience in a sport associated with lumberjacks, except these log rollers are doing it in the university’s aquatic center. “Log rolling is a lot of balance, and you never really know what log rolling is until you get on the log roll and […]

  • Strap On Your Heels & Dance, Girl!

    DALLAS — Strap on those heels and head on over to Millennium Dance Studio. This week, we got sassy at a super sensual heels class taught by none other than celebrity choreographer, Danielle Polanco. “I realized that when you wear heels, your posture changes, your confidence changes, the way you walk the way you talk, everything changes,” said Arati Chakraborty, owner of Millennium Dance Complex. Each week students fill in to Millennium to Jessica “J’samone” Hill’s beginner or advance stiletto dance […]