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  • Who’s Gonna Pay: Trump lines out border wall blueprints

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- President Trump is finally fulfilling his promise to build that wall. He’s released his financial blueprint for the Mexico border wall, and well, the numbers are stacking up. The total cost will be $33 billion over a 10 year period. Eighteen billion dollars for the border wall and another 15 billion for technology, personnel and readiness. So what does that mean for 2018? Well, the request is for 60 miles of primary wall and 14 miles of secondary wall […]

  • Join the Club: Finding your focus with acroyoga

    DALLAS-Finding zen at the mall might not be most people’s idea of relaxation, but this group is proving it can be done. Acroyoga isn’t only a little bit of yoga mixed in with some acrobatics, it takes real focus and trust. You can find An Do and his group of flex masters at the courtyard at NorthPark Mall in Dallas on Saturdays. At first glance the moves seem complicated and pretty intimidating but after spending some time Do, an acroyoga […]

  • Out of this world: American astronaut among three headed to ISS

    WASHINGTON, D.C.-It might not be to infinity and beyond but it is a trip to the International Space Station. Three astronauts representing the U.S, Russia and Japan are on their way there now. A Soyuz capsule with NASA’s Scott Tingle, Anton Shkaplerov and Norishige Kanai launched from the space complex in Kazakhstan on Sunday. They’ll be performing 200 science investigations in fields like biology, earth science, human research and technology development. The trip should take them about four months. Let’s […]

  • Biting Back: Woman sues after K-9 mistakenly attacked her

    ST. PAUL, MN- Desiree Collins was taking out the trash one Saturday morning, nothing seemed to warn her to what would happen next. The 52-year-old St. Paul woman was attacked by a police dog. In the video released by the St. Paul police department Collins can be heard asking “what did I do to him?” She had done nothing wrong, the dog mistook Collins for a male burglary suspect that had fled on foot. Collins suffered bites to her harm […]

  • Join the Club: Curvy Duncanville dance team embraces their curves

    DUNCANVILLE — Meet the women of Duncanville who are spreading positivity by embracing their curves. Curvy Elite Dance Team is sending a body positive message on dance move at a time. The group was started by Kindrea Hayes in 2016 and has since grown to a group of 11. The team made up of women of all shapes and sizes prides itself on not only having some killer dance moves but cultivating a sisterhood among its members. While they focused […]

  • Join the Club: DISD Students Get Industry Head Start with Robotics Club

    DALLAS — Robotics club might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of popular clubs to join in high school, but students at one Dallas high school have gravitated toward it for years now. Robotics students at Emmett J. Conrad High School, aka “The Robo Chargers 3005” are giving robotics a new home and cool name. Georgette Jordan, the school’s engineer teacher says that the program has not only allowed her students to be prepared […]

  • Join the Club: Learn how to pop, pop, pop with Afrikopop

    GRAND PRAIRIE — Wanna learn how to wind it up and werk it out? The traditional sounds of Africa combined with high intensity workouts will get you there. Afrikopop was created when Kosolu “Kasa” Ananti was at a party with her friends and her impressive dance moves caught their eye. After teaching them a few moves she decided to combine her love of fitness with her love of African pop music. “I was born in Houston to Nigerian immigrants so […]

  • Join the Club: Dallas’ GRIT Fitness workout combines vigorous dance & high energy

    DALLAS — If you’ve ever gotten ready and gone out on the town dancing all night with your girls, you know that dance floor can get hot and your moves can leave you sore the next day. With that said, it’s not hard to see why women are drawn to Dance Club Cardio at GRIT Fitness. “The greatest thing about Dance Club is that it is the hottest pop music, and the choreography really flows with the music, so if […]

  • Subculture: Swing in the Park

    DALLAS- Get ready to get into the swing of things. Grab a dance partner and head on down to Swing at the Park at Klyde Warren Park for west coast swing dancing. Studio 22 in Dallas is an exclusive programming partners at Klyde Warren Park and hosts free dance classes every Friday at 6:30 p.m. This month they’re concentrating their skills on swing dance. The best part? The class is taught with partner rotation so you’ll get to meet lots […]

  • Fantasy to Reality: National Fantasy Football Convention debuts in Dallas

    DALLAS-They say the third time’s a charm, and no one hopes that more than the folks behind the National Fantasy Football Convention. After years of interceptions by the NFL, first in Las Vegas, then again last year in Pasadena, the convention is being brought to Dallas. “We’ve had some interference with the NFL where they came after us in Vegas and weren’t happy that we were doing it or went after the players and threatened to fine and suspend each […]