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  • Behold the Halo: Church to host Beyonce mass to uplift marginalized women

    SAN FRANCISCO– Beyoncé killed it during her Coachella performance and the bee hive has been buzzin’ ever since. While we know Beyoncé fans worship the ground she walks on, it’s The Vine church in San Francisco that’s feeling the sting after announcing a Beyoncé mass. Beyoncé at Church? Critics quickly claimed the church should honor Jesus and not Beyoncé, but the church says that’s not the case. Instead they’re using Beyoncé’s music to discover how her art speaks to the […]

  • Community rallies around Dallas police officer who suffered brain hemorrhage

    DALLAS- As a cop most days are filled with dangerous moments, but one Dallas officer faced a different danger earlier this week. On Wednesday, Joey Arvizu was boxing in preparation for a charity event. While sparring he suffered a brain hemorrhage that nearly cost him his life. Joey is a husband and former US Marine, and his family and friends are hopeful to see him be his jovial self once more. Now the community has rallied around them, supporting Joey and […]

  • “Mission Accomplished”: Trump orders airstrike on Syria

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- “I’d use three words to describe this operation: precise, overwhelming, and effective, said Lt. General Kenneth Mckenzie. Those words come after President Trump ordered a series of airstrikes in Syria Friday night. This comes after an alleged chemical weapons attack last weekend, leaving dozens dead and hundreds more gasping for air. These were the sights and sounds in the City of Damascus as tomahawk missiles rained down on targets. The airstrikes targeted three specific locations: A chemical warfare […]

  • Fading Memory: Millennials don’t know what Auschwitz is

    DALLAS-Seven decades after one of the worst genocides in history, we remember the Holocaust. Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps. But a new survey done by the claims conference says two thirds of all millennials don’t know what the Holocaust is. Here’s how those numbers add up: while there were over 40,000 concentration camps all over Europe, 45 percent can’t name one and 58 percent believe something like the Holocaust could happen again. […]

  • Sloppy Study: Mommy mortality rates in Texas lower than reported

    DALLAS–Sometimes the latest studies can leave us feeling a little desperate for answers, like “will drinking that extra cup of coffee really kill me?” Or will more screen time mean lower grades for my kids? But perhaps it was this study that said Texas mothers were dying at abnormally high rates that put us in panic mode. Well on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that those numbers were just flat wrong. According to the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task […]

  • Texas National Guard deployed to Texas-Mexico border

    AUSTIN- The first 250 Texas National Guard troops arrived on the Texas-Mexico border, a fraction of the proposed 4,000 guardsmen to eventually set foot on the borderland. All this in support of president Trump’s call for border security earlier this week. Military members and border patrol are now strategizing for future operations. “Depending on the mission set, the soldier will we armed, soldier or airman will be armed for self-defense but again that will depend on the mission set and […]

  • Join the Club: Dallas steps up to Rise Nation

    DALLAS- Call it a step above, Rise Nation is taking Dallas by storm. This week’s Join the Club let’s you climb new heights without leaving the ground. Owners Mark and Tiffany Stevenson decided to bring the 30 minute low-impact, high-intensity workout to Dallas after visiting the Los Angeles location a few times. “It’s a tempo-based class so they’ll start out kinda slow, we have blackout blinds that we hit so the blinds will come down, that’ll black out the room, […]

  • Sticking Together: Community raises over $3 million for Canadian Hockey Team

    SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA– A community is in mourning after they learn the identities of those involved in a crash that killed 15 members of a Canadian junior hockey team. Among those presumed dead are the head coach, assistant coach, and the team captain to name a few. “On behalf of the entire Broncos family, our deepest sympathies go to the injured and the deceased and of course all their loved ones. We are heartbroken and completely devastated by the tragedy that […]

  • Chemical Chaos: Aid workers blame Syrian government for chemical attack

    GHOUTA, SYRIA– Video coming out of eastern Ghouta in Syria shows multiple people- men, women, and children who activists say were attacked with a suspected chemical agent. Nearly 70 people are reported dead, with that number expected to rise and although suspected, the Syrian government denies being behind the incident. This comes after dozens of people were killed by Syrian regime airstrikes and artillery shelling on Friday, according to monitoring groups and aid organizations. The attacks end a short ceasefire […]

  • Deadly Weekend: Germany terror attack and Canadian hockey crash

    Münster, Germany- It was a deadly start to the weekend around the world. At least three people are dead after a delivery truck slammed into a crowd in the German city of Münster on Saturday. Police say 20 are seriously injured in what appears to be a deliberate attack. The driver shot and killed himself directly after. Closer to home, half of a Canadian junior hockey team is dead after their bus crashed with a tractor trailer, leaving 14 dead […]