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Courtenay DeHoff does it all! Her ability to shoot, edit and produce allows her to shine behind the camera, but it’s her quirky demeanor in front of the camera that truly sets her apart.

She isn’t afraid to be herself on television. What you see is exactly what you get. Even Kelly Ripa took notice when “LIVE with Kelly” producers selected Courtenay as a TOP 10 finalist in a nearly 3-month guest co-host search. Courtenay’s audition tapes included a white pantsuit, a black cow and even a cutting horse.

Courtenay comes to Eye Opener from KCTV5 in Kansas City. At Eye Opener she contributes as a producer, editor and on-air talent.

In her free time if she isn’t traveling the world (15 countries and counting) she is probably on the back of a horse! A former Oklahoma State Rodeo team member she still holds her alma mater, OSU, close to her heart. Growing up on a cattle ranch in the Midwest taught her to always work harder than the next guy and to never take no for an answer.

Recent Articles
  • Dallas chef and juvenile offenders change each others’ lives

    DALLAS – In 2012, Chad Houser was one of Dallas’ hottest up and coming chefs. His life changed forever when he was asked to make raspberry ice cream with a group of young men in the Juvenile Justice Program. Houser admittedly stereotyped them before getting to know them, but received nothing but respect in return. It was their eagerness to learn and their gratitude that changed the course of Houser’s career. “He came running up to me and he just said — […]

  • Special Olympics Texas: Keeping dreams alive for DFW athletes with special needs

    DALLAS – When it comes to the 2018 Winter Olympics, the sky is truly the limit. And thanks to Special Olympics Texas, the dream is also alive and well for athletes who may face a few extra challenges. From 8 years-old to 80, Special Olympics Texas has honored athletes of all abilities and ages. “It’s always so uplifting and inspirational to be out at these events and, you know, to see how competitive and how serious they can get,” Special […]

  • Dallas group fights poverty through service, advocacy & friendship

    DALLAS -Dallas non-profit CitySquare is fighting poverty in more ways than one. Service, advocacy, and a little friendship are the name of the game for this DFW non-profit organization. “This is our hospitality program. It’s a part of our work paths, workforce training programs. We have hospitality and construction programs, that really give people skills and certifications, and then we also walk alongside people and help them get employment as well,” CitySquare’s Jarie Bradley said. “So, we believe in increasing […]

  • Biologists, volunteers continue rescue of pelicans along Texas coast

    The entire state of Texas is dealing with freezing temperatures and high winds from this week’s arctic blast and — here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say — worried biologists are rescuing the pelicans. You heard me right. A team of volunteers are going up and down the Texas coast to save brown pelicans. They’re flying north to nest, but our strong winds with this winter storm keep them from getting to a safe place – and a lot of […]

  • Kidd’s Kids: Special stories, trips of a lifetime, and how the Kidd Kraddick legacy lives on

    This morning dose. special shares the special stories of Kidd’s Kids, taking a look not only at how the organization empowers the families of children with life-altering conditions and takes them on the trip of a lifetime, but also the lasting legacy they have on these precious families. In 1991, nationally-syndicated radio deejay and longtime DFW resident Kidd Kraddick started Kidd’s Kids as a way of giving families an experience they would never forget. You can find out more about Kidd’s […]

  • How do YOU eat Cadbury Creme Eggs?

    It was iconic commercials that eventually launched Cadbury Eggs into Easter superstardom. Around since the roaring twenties, they actually didn’t gain their cult like following until the 1970’s. Today people are so obsessed, the Cadbury factory cranks our nearly 1.5 million of these delectable treats per day. The eggs are made in two separate pieces and then slapped together after the sides are filled with liquid fondant. The eggs are eventually fused together to create the iconic Easter treat. Traditional […]

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    “Saban’s Power Rangers“ follows five ordinary teens who must become extraordinary when they learn their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, the heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. Eye Opener’s Hilary Kennedy met up with the five actors who play the power rangers to talk about what fans can expect in the new film. Actor RJ […]

  • Glen Rose cattle ranchers drop everything to help with wildfires

    GLEN ROSE, TX — The wildfires that ravaged Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado killing seven people and thousands of cattle may be over, but a powerful new story is emerging. Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff met up with Kaylin Schimpf and Terry Starnes, two Texas ranchers who dropped everything to help their fellow ranchers across the country. Schimpf says to a lot of these people the most important thing was trying to save the cattle that God blessed them to be the stewards […]

  • How to see if someone is stalking you on Instagram

    Ever wondered how your favorite brands, bloggers and famous personalities get so many likes and followers? Eye Opener’s Allyn Hoang met up with Marty Martinez, founder of Social Revolt, for the inside scoop. Martinez says when trying to gain more followers and get more engagement on social media selfies are A-ok. He says at Social Revolt studies have shown people are more inclined to engage with a selfie than with a food or animal picture. He says keep up with […]

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    Blind dates can be tough, especially when you are sending mixed signals through inadvertent body language. Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff met up with professional matchmaker and relationship expert Jennifer Styers to discuss the importance of body language when it comes to finding love. Styers set two of her friends up on a blind date and invited Eye Opener to record all the juicy details. Styers then reviewed the body language, conversation points and more to decide if it was a […]