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Courtenay DeHoff does it all! Her ability to shoot, edit and produce allows her to shine behind the camera, but it’s her quirky demeanor in front of the camera that truly sets her apart.

She isn’t afraid to be herself on television. What you see is exactly what you get. Even Kelly Ripa took notice when “LIVE with Kelly” producers selected Courtenay as a TOP 10 finalist in a nearly 3-month guest co-host search. Courtenay’s audition tapes included a white pantsuit, a black cow and even a cutting horse.

Courtenay comes to Eye Opener from KCTV5 in Kansas City. At Eye Opener she contributes as a producer, editor and on-air talent.

In her free time if she isn’t traveling the world (15 countries and counting) she is probably on the back of a horse! A former Oklahoma State Rodeo team member she still holds her alma mater, OSU, close to her heart. Growing up on a cattle ranch in the Midwest taught her to always work harder than the next guy and to never take no for an answer.

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