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  • Canadian bar uses coasters to drive home message about drunk driving

    TORONTO, CANADA — Can you believe people are still drinking and driving? Come on, it’s 2017! Well, believe it or not it still happens. However, one bar in Canada is doing their part to make sure their customers hit the brakes on drunk driving. Like many bars, The Emmet Ray serves their drinks on coasters, but these aren’t just any coasters! These were made from the metal of cars that were in drunk-driving related accidents, scratches and all. Each one has […]

  • Dallas ISD under fire over lead, copper lead in water at schools

    DALLAS — Dallas ISD is in the deep end when it comes to the water quality in their schools. When the water was tested at all of DISD campuses, they found elevated levels of lead, copper, or both in twelve schools. “We’re hoping that we can get DISD to take it more seriously, give us a water emergency plan and so forth, and try to help us with this issue,” Former Dallas NAACP President, Arthur Fleming said. It has people […]

  • Girl severely burned by DIY slime

    ROCKLAND, MA — DIY projects are all the rage these days. You can make your own stress balls and even create your own headboard! The current trend? Homemade slime! Apparently making your own slime is so “in with the times” that kids are selling it at school! That’s what Kathleen Quinn was doing. She loved making the slime so much she would sell her slimy creations to kids at her school. When she was at a sleepover she started feeling pain […]

  • Man’s vanity plate says GRAB HER, but it’s not what you think

    NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — We’ve all seen those weird personalized license plates. Like this person who wants their ex to know how they really feel: And this Infiniti driver who loves Toy Story! was even forced to remove a Texas plate from its auction site for having the initials “A.F.” In millennials lingo, that “F” stands for a four letter word we’re not allowed to say. Across the Canadian border, a guy’s “Grabher” plate will make you do a […]

  • CultureFix March 24-26: Music lovers rejoice!

    Get an earful with this weekend’s lineup that’s filled with star studded performances. Toyota Texas Music Revolution 21 WHEN: March 24-25 WHERE: Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve PRICE: $15-$95.30 MORE INFO: PREKINDLE.COM   So What?! Music Festival WHEN: March 24-26 WHERE: Deep Ellum & AirHogs Stadium PRICE: $60-$400 MORE INFO: SOWHATMUSICFESTIVAL.COM   American Heart Association Presents: BeautyKind Unites Concert WHEN: March 25 WHERE: AT&T Stadium PRICE: $40-$1100 MORE INFO: STADIUM.DALLASCOWBOYS.COM

  • Denison teen lied about black men kidnapping, gang raping her

    DENISON – An 18-year-old woman’s claim that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted… was all a hoax. Breana Harmon Talbot ignited a sense of fear and outrage in the Denison community as well as on social media after she said three black men in ski masks were responsible for kidnapping her, taking her into the woods, and raping her. But police say her story did not add up and quickly unraveled. Police found Talbot partially dressed at a church, where she […]

  • Missing teen found after family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live

    CHICAGO – A Chicago police chief spokesman has confirmed a missing 15-year-old girl has been found safe after her family says she was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live. Anthony Guglielmi tweeted the update, saying the teen was found by the 10th district officers and is now with her mother — and detectives are conducting interviews. Family members and friends who reported she was missing say they saw the 15-year-old on a video being sexually assaulted by several boys. “I just […]

  • New electronics ban may affect how you travel

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — When you’re catching a flight, you gotta make sure you pack all the essentials, right? Money, undies, and don’t forget your laptop! Well, you may be forced to fly without that one. The U.S. issued a major order banning passengers from carrying on certain electronics from eight different countries with direct flights to the United States. There’s concern about explosives being smuggled onto commercial flights. Don’t flip out, you can take your phone, but anything bigger than a […]

  • YouTube slammed for LGBTQ video filtering

    SAN BRUNO, CA — Some serious stuff is going down in the YouTube community, and it’s got the internet freaked out. The mega huge video sharing site is in some big trouble for a filtering system people have recently discovered. The “Restricted Mode” feature is supposed to “hide videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users” and “help you avoid inappropriate content”. Sounds innocent enough, right? The problem is: many of the videos that are being filtered out seem […]

  • CultureFix March 17-19: Indulge in the greasier things in life!

    We’ve got a full weekend for you! Check out these events that are coming your way. Bacon and Beer Classic WHEN: March 18 at noon WHERE: The Foundry PRICE: $45-$55 MORE INFO:   Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo in concert WHEN: March 19 WHERE: Majestic Theater PRICE: $29.95-$99.95 MORE INFO:   Dallas Opera presents: The Turn of the Screw WHEN: March 19, 22, & 25 at 7:30 P.M. WHERE: Dallas Opera House PRICE: $19-$275 MORE INFO: