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  • Dallas protesters target Walmart over ‘holiday pay’

    DALLAS, TX — Some Kris Kringles have had it with the milk and cookies and are demanding change at Walmart. As in, they want more money, honey! “We’re out here to ask Walmart to bring back holiday pay for its workers,” one protester said. “Just like a Grinch, they just stole it away from its workers and the workers would like to get holiday pay back.” “It’s not fair for the one’s who have to work on holiday pay,” another protester […]

  • Netflix calls out viewers for watching “A Christmas Prince” 18 days in a row

    LOS GATOS, CA — Netflix and chill? More like chill out Netflix! The streaming company is under fire from some of its viewers, all because they tweeted this: To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you? — Netflix US (@netflix) December 11, 2017 The joke rubbed some folks the wrong way and have people accusing Netflix of “binge-shaming.” Why are you calling people out like that Netflix — Amanda Bell […]

  • College student “owes” charity over $200,000 after her tweet goes viral

    RENTON, WA  — A couple Twitter users are finding out what the power of social media can really do. Exhibit A: 19-year old Danni Messina from Seattle posted this simple tweet: this time of year is about giving – this year, I am giving back to St. Jude & the families who are supported by their amazing services every favorite : $.25every retweet : $.50 go give. go st. Jude!! — dan (@danni_messina) November 25, 2017 Little did she know, that […]

  • R. Kelly’s Dallas concert brings protesters

    FAIR PARK, TX — R. Kelly is in town and people are not happy about it! The Black Women’s Defense League started the Facebook page “Mute R. Kelly” to boycott the singer’s concert at Fair Park. The crowds gathered, the signs were raised, and the protest was on! Hold yourself accountable. We are seeing a lot of famous men who have been caught up in some pretty precarious sexual situations are being held accountable. It’s time for R. Kelly to be […]

  • Teen ‘owes’ charity over $200,000 after her tweet goes viral

    SEATTLE  — A 19-year-old college student in Washington state says she had no idea a simple tweet, pledging money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital would go viral, according to KCPQ. The idea was simple enough; one of giving back during the holiday season. Danni Messina tweeted: “this time of year is about giving – this year, I am giving back to St. Jude & the families who are supported by their amazing services every favorite : $.25 every retweet : $.50 […]

  • Facebook launches new “Messenger Kids” app

    MENLO PARK, CA — Social media just got a little more kid friendly! Facebook has rolled out a new app called “Messenger Kids,” that will let kids under the age of 13 text and video chat with their friends and family without those pesky ads or in app purchases. Plus, it follows all the rules of COPPA, the law that protects children’s online privacy. “I really like how kids can text with this, how they can send stickers, they can put […]

  • Border patrol finds 227 pounds of bologna under car floor mats

    EL PASO, TX — This is a load of bologna! Literally! A woman in El Paso got in a little bit of trouble when she was trying to cross the border from Mexico to the U.S. When Customs and Border Patrol asked if she had any contraband, she flat out said no! Turns out, she was a liar liar pants on fire! When they searched her car a second time, the driver said she had salchicha, or Mexican bologna. She […]

  • Toddler is the What-A-Queen in Whataburger photo shoot

    SAN ANTONIO, TX — What a little honey, and we’re not talking chicken biscuits! A little Texas toddler sure loves her Whataburger! 2-year-old Charlene Belvin graced the cameras, and the burgers, with her presence in a Whataburger themed holiday photo shoot. She got fancy next to the fancy ketchup, and even got her hands on a few props! She’s not just the queen of the what-a-scene! Charlene also holds the title of Baby Miss San Antonio, hence the tiara. She may be a […]

  • Man shot by brothers after trying to sell PlayStation in Arlington

    ARLINGTON, TX — A simple trade gone wrong! One man was trying to sell his Playstation 4 through an app called “Offer Up” to a couple of seemingly normal buyers in Arlington, but the deal went awry when the two men, who are also brothers, pulled a gun! The crazy part: after the seller forked over the PS4 and his cell phone, he was shot twice in the tummy anyway! Thankfully, the victim is recovering at a local hospital, and dumb […]

  • Trump tweets “Build the Wall” after illegal immigrant found not guilty in Kate Steinle’s murder

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — It was a verdict no one saw coming. A California jury has found Jose Inez Garcia Zarate not guilty of murder or involuntary manslaughter of 32-year old Kate Steinle. “The verdict that came in today was not the one we were hoping for,” Alex Bastian from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office said. The tragedy happened back in 2015 when Kate was shot while walking with her father on Pier 14 in San Francisco. Zarate was […]