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  • British Airways cancels all flights worldwide after IT system failure

    LONDON, ENGLAND — This is not the way to kick off Memorial Day weekend! People are flying mad because they can’t fly anywhere after British Airways canceled all of its flights around the world! That means no one coming in and no one going out thanks to what British Airways calls a “major IT system failure.” “There’s just no way for anyone to depart an airplane from anywhere in the world,” one pilot was explaining to travelers stuck at a terminal. […]

  • Greg Abbott makes not so funny joke about shooting reporters

    AUSTIN — Governor Abbott is getting blasted for a not so funny joke. After signing a new bill into law that lowers fees for gun owners in Texas, Abbott visited a gun range to show off his skills. Then he held up his target sheet and said something you won’t even believe. “I’m gonna carry this around in case I see any reporters,” Abbott said. The irony is unreal because he said that in front of a bunch of reporters! […]

  • George Zimmerman’s attorney now represents Jacqueline Craig

    FORT WORTH — Just when you thought the Jacqueline Craig situation was over, turns out Jacqueline hired defense attorney Mark O’Mara. “I will say that I’ve been blessed with being involved in a number of civil rights cases, and obviously that stemmed from the publicity I received on the Zimmerman defense,” Mark O’Mara said. Yeah, O’Mara was the lawyer of George Zimmerman, the man who acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. But with the charges […]

  • Hitting the lake for Memorial Day? Don’t forget these water rules

    LEWISVILLE — Memorial Day is upon us, which means lots of people eating, drinking and swimming! The holiday that officially kicks off the summer travel season has people busting out their boats and throwing back some brews for a sun-soaked weekend. More people on the water means more risk of people getting hurt. So, if you plan on partaking in the fun on any of the many lakes in North Texas, Denton Co. Game Warden Kyle Allison has some advice you’d […]

  • Globe Life Park named best ballpark for vegan food

    ARLINGTON — Globe Life Park isn’t just home to the Texas Rangers, it’s home to some vegan-friendly food. “It was very exciting to be named by PETA as the top vegan-friendly ballpark in the MLB. We worked very hard to have an inclusive menu,” Globe Life Park Concessions Manager Jonathan Dean said. We had to know what all the hype was about! “We have two of our newest items for the 2017 season. First, we have our Mediterranean nacho, hummus […]

  • Space bag covered in moon dust could sell for $4 million

    CHICAGO — What’s cooler than the moonwalk? Landing on the moon, duh! Now, you can have a piece of it for a sky-high price. Did you know Neil Armstrong grabbed a handful of moon dust and brought it back with him? “The very first thing Neil Armstrong did, he put some rock samples in a bag,” Nancy Carlson said. Apparently, NASA forgot about that because after Armstrong got back, they dumped out the rocks for science and tossed aside the white […]

  • Rock the vote! Dwayne Johnson running for President in 2020?!

    NEW YORK, NY — The Rock was cooking up something hot for Saturday Night Live’s season finale. This was Dwayne Johnson’s 5th time hosting SNL, and what better way to celebrate than telling the world you’re gonna run for president? “A lot of people have been telling me lately that I should run for President of the United States,” The Rock said. “Tonight, I want to put this to rest and just say once and for all…I’m in!” That’s right people. […]

  • Melania doesn’t want anything to do with Trump’s hands

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — Trump’s hands have gotten, well, out of hand. When POTUS and FLOTUS first arrived in Israel, Trump reached out to hold his wife’s hand when: DENIED! Melania wasn’t having it at all and slapped his hand out the way! One person tweeted: Most of America feels the same, Melania — Karen Civil (@KarenCivil) May 22, 2017 Even James Corden chimed in: Melania is kind of a boss! — James Corden (@JKCorden) May 22, 2017 Folks, it […]

  • Pippa ties the knot in lavish Royal-ish wedding!

    BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND — Pippa got hitched, y’all! The younger sister of England’s future queen married her millionaire bae in a wedding fit for a royal! Of course, big sis Kate was there along with her hubby and future king, Prince William. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge weren’t the only big names who attended the wedding of the year. We spotted tennis star Roger Federer  and his wife. Plus, we can’t forget about Prince Harry. We’re sure he was the […]

  • Dallas Zoo spends Endangered Species Day helping African Penquins

    DALLAS — Endangered animals have made a pretty good comeback over the last couple years. Even though species like the Panda and Manatee aren’t on the endangered list anymore, there are still plenty of animals that aren’t so lucky. “Most of our issues are due to the human population. It has exponentially grown in the last however many decades. We are putting a lot of stress on the environment and the earth and the animals that live in it, including […]