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  • Bikers no longer welcome at iconic Dallas burger drive-in

    DALLAS — An iconic North Dallas burger joint is facing boycotts from some now-former regulars, who are accusing Keller’s Hamburgers of discrimination against bikers. John Keller says motorcyclists had become a problem at the family-owned restaurant. “They’re just very unruly,” Keller said.  “I sat across from ’em this week and watched and I just could not believe what was going on.  We decided to make a change.” That change? “We will not serve people on motorcycles,” said Keller.  “We want these people […]

  • The reasons for the looming doctor shortage in the U.S. may surprise you

    ARLINGTON — There’s a doctor shortage looming for the U.S. of A. “Demand for services is going up as we have an aging population,” said Dr. Daniel Varga, Chief Clinical Officer for Texas Health.  “If the doctor pipeline just stays stable, we’re gonna run into a shortage.” According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, “by the year 2030 the united states will face a shortage of between 40,800-104,900 physicians.” And since it takes years to train a doctor, there’s no […]

  • Chef Blythe takes us behind the scenes at the Ben E. Keith Food Expo

    FORT WORTH — Unless you run a restaurant, there are some parts of the food industry you don’t get to see very often. On Wednesday, our very own Chef Blythe Beck of Oak Cliff’s Pink Magnolia took NewsFix on a tour of one of those things – the Ben E. Keith Food Expo at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Tag along with Chef Blythe as she explores the expo, tries the food, and meets the people behind the annual convention!

  • Spice of Blythe: Rosé all day!

    DALLAS — Spring has sprung, and not only are the birds chirping and the flowers growing, but everything’s also coming up rosé! Yeah, it might not have the best reputation, but Rosé is one of the greatest wines there is — a white wine with just a kiss of grape skin to give it it’s gorgeous pink color. And yes, it doesn’t take a genius to know that color is one of the things I love about it, but it’s also […]

  • Study finds link between computer use, brain health in seniors 70+

    DALLAS — A new study suggests computer use, and even playing video games, can help support brain health in older patients. Keeping brains healthy is one of the goals of the Texas Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders program at Texas Health Dallas, and its director, Dr. Diana Kerwin. “It is meant to diagnose early any memory issues,” Dr. Kerwin said of the program, “but it’s also meant to be, really, a preventative.  So for people that have either Alzheimer’s in their […]

  • Match Madness! Med students learn where they’ll get on-the-job training

    DALLAS — While most of America may have come down with March Madness this week, watching college students compete for the national basketball championship. Another group of students gathered Friday at UT Southwestern – on a basketball court no less – for a different kind of madness.  Match madness! “This is the day around the entire country where the medical students find out where they matched,” explained Dr. Angela Mihalic, the dean of student affairs at UTSW, “which specialty they’re going […]

  • Could March Madness at the office actually be GOOD for business??

    DALLAS — Well folks, today’s the first day of the Big Dance! The NCAA basketball tournament kicked off Thursday, and for the millions of bracketeers among us, “March Madness” is right. So, the question every year is: what impact does all that ball have on business? Well, on one hand… An MSN survey from 2012 said 56% of all workers – that’s about 81.5 million people – would spend at least an hour on-the-clock keeping up with the tournament. And […]

  • One Year Later: Fort Worth police officer Matt Pearce tells his story in documentary

    FORT WORTH — It was a year ago today that FWPD Officer Matt Pearce was shot in the line of duty. Fort Worth PD marked the anniversary with a documentary film called “Officer Down: The Matt Pearce Story.” The compelling 30-minute film tells the story of what was a slow day and quickly turned into the most dramatic day of his life.  It follows Pearce through a car chase, an on-foot pursuit, a shootout that resulted in multiple gunshot wounds […]

  • Vandals steal memorial plaques from White Rock landmark, but why??

    DALLAS — A landmark called the Celebration Tree Grove at White Rock Park in Dallas has been vandalized. “People donate money to purchase the plaques that you see behind me on the Grove,” said Mike Schmitt, standing in front of the stone structure. “To honor, celebrate, or remember someone.  A loved one, it could be a pet.  The money that is donated towards those plaques goes to planting trees at the lake.” Schmitt, chairman of the Celebration Tree Grove, a […]

  • Tony Romo thanks Cowboys fans in touching video

    ARLINGTON — Metroplex sports fans are no stranger to losing long-time hometown heroes, and having to watch them suit up for someone else. Rangers captain Michael Young left for Philadelphia after 12 years. Stars legend Mike Modano played for Detroit for a season. He’d been a Star since before the team moved to Dallas. And now, after 14 seasons with the Cowboys, Tony Romo is on his way out. And sure, that might have been kinda obvious ever since, you know, […]