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  • Spice of Blythe: Stay out of the pits with avocados!

    DALLAS — I’ve been having a serious love affair for years now–with avocados. Not only are they delicious, but they’re super nutritious too, and what chef doesn’t love a food you can do ANYTHING with? Sure you can just slice one up and enjoy it with some salt, or go with the classic Texas staple of chips and guac, but why not get even more creative with this gem of a fruit?? I like to puree mine and add bacon and […]

  • Social media helps Arlington arcade get game on

    ARLINGTON — An Arlington business will hold its long-awaited soft opening this week, thanks in part to the power of social media. Free Play, an all-you-can-play classic arcade with a location already open in Richardson, announced way back in August that they’d be opening a second location by the end of 2016. But here in April of 2017, the arcade right off of UTA’s campus still isn’t open yet. “We ran into just about every possible permitting hurdle that you can […]

  • Southwest Cannabis Conference hits Fort Worth this weekend

    FORT WORTH — 4/20 might be over, but for marijuana advocates, the high times are just getting started. At the Fort Worth Convention Center, setup is underway for the second annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo, where speakers and business folks from near and far will roll up to share ideas and educate the public on the up-and-coming cannabis industry. “People can come here, whether they’re taxpayers, or citizens, or media, or politicians,” said Demitri Downing, the Conference’s Executive Director, […]

  • Cannabis activists celebrate 420 by hanging pro-pot banners over highway

    ARLINGTON — Well folks, it’s the 20th of April, and you know what that means… It’s 420. “420 is the international smoker’s holiday, if you will,” said Shaun McAlister, who runs marijuana activist group DFW NORML. “It’s the day that people who celebrate cannabis take the day to celebrate cannabis   for the day.” Yeah, even though it’s a holiday in honor of something that’s still, you know, illegal. That’s never stopped DFW NORML from rising to the occasion.  This year […]

  • Hope & tragedy mix as organ recipient meets donor’s family

    FORT WORTH — It’s been almost a year since the motorcycle accident that changed Mike Parsons’ life, and left his fiancee Kammey Bagwell paralyzed. “When I woke up they were carrying me away,” Parsons recalls. “And I could see Kammey laying on the ground.  She had a fracture at the C4 level.” “She was barely able to move,” said Kammey’s 15-year-old son, Keeten. “We left that night knowing that she probably wasn’t going to make it.” A few days after […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Ham it up!

    DALLAS — Happy Tax Day!  …said no one EVER. If you’re feeling as short on time, energy and cash as a lot of folks are today, look on the bright side – at least you probably have some sweet Easter leftovers, right? So here are a few ways you can make the most of that leftover ham, without “taxing” your wallet. First, why not slice up that ham and throw it on some biscuits with cheese and honey?  It makes […]

  • Thief steals rainbow flag from Plano church, replaces it with U.S. flag

    PLANO — Who would steal from a church on Easter?? Well, someone did just that at the Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Plano over the weekend. The stolen property was a rainbow flag that’s been flying in front of the church since last October. “It’s just basically a sign of inclusivity,” the Reverend Patrick Price of the CUUC said of the flag.  “But it’s also, I think, for some people a symbol of otherness if they aren’t familiar with what is […]

  • Dallas siren system back in business, investigation into “hack” continues

    DALLAS — Members of the Dallas City Council are still looking for answers about an apparent hack attack this weekend. “We’re just getting a lot of questions,” councilman Adam McGough told the city manager.  “We have a frustrated constituency.” Specifically, just what caused all of the city’s tornado sirens to go off at once late Friday night, and should we be worried about other Dallas systems getting hacked? “We can’t determine how concerned we should be without the information,” councilman […]

  • Hundreds of volunteers get wet & dirty to clean up the Trinity River Corridor

    DALLAS — Friday was “corporate cleanup day” at the Trinity River Corridor.  Some of Dallas’ biggest companies, led by Southwest Airlines, gave their employees a chance to get out of the office for a day and spend that time giving back. “We’re doing lots of cleanups, we’re gonna do some plant studies, biological assessments, a lot of cool things,” said Garrett Boone from the Trinity Park Conservancy.  “I’ve always said we need an army of people to help do what we […]

  • Arlington ISD says Nichols Jr. High NOT making people sick, others not convinced

    ARLINGTON — The case of the mystery illnesses at an Arlington school has turned into a case of “he said, she said,” with an actual solution nowhere in sight. For months, some of the faculty and students at Nichols Junior High have been complaining about feeling ill on school grounds.  Parents have spoken out, looking for answers. But Arlington ISD released a strongly-worded statement Wednesday, saying their experts have “spared no expense”, “and have concluded that there is no credible evidence […]