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    Magic Bullet: Pill-Sized Pacemaker, Perfect Timing Save Woman’s Life

    FORT WORTH — You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but Edna Brown has a “bullet” in her heart.  Don’t worry, though. The tiny device is keeping her alive. It all started more than a decade ago when Mrs. Brown started experiencing atrial fibrillations in her heart. “It just feels like your heart quit beating,” Brown said. “Makes you feel like you’re dying, actually.” The treatments for her a-fib left her dependent on a pacemaker to keep her heart pumping. […]

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    Burgers To Go? Dallas ISD Claiming Eminent Domain to Buy Land From Businesses

    DALLAS — Jake’s Uptown Hamburgers in Lake Highlands may be forced to shut down so Dallas ISD can build a new school. The popular burger joint isn’t the only business that would be affected. The owners of more than half a dozen businesses on the southeast corner of Skillman and Walling say they received letters from the school district.  According to the letters, DISD will be using eminent domain to purchase the businesses’ land for a school, and the owners say there’s nothing they can do […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Car Fuel!

    DALLAS — Something awful happened to me the other day that I’m sure you can relate to: I was stuck in a traffic jam! Sitting there for two hours trying to make it four exits down the highway, I was tired, cranky, bored, and making it all worse, I was hungry. So I got to thinking about how I can avoid that in the future, and how you can too.  Here are some things you can keep in your car at […]

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    10-Day Suspension Without Pay For Fort Worth Officer In Viral Arrest Video

    FORT WORTH — The Fort Worth Police Department announced a punishment on Monday for one of its officers.  Chief Joel Fitzgerald suspended Officer William Martin for 10 days without pay, for actions during an arrest a few days before Christmas. When video of the arrest went viral, FWPD’s internal affairs investigation was expected to take six months to a year.  But instead it took less than three weeks. “As you all know, the incident captured national attention,” said Chief Fitzgerald. […]

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    Rangers Pick a Familiar Firm to Design New Ballpark

    ARLINGTON — The City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers are in the process of adding another billion-dollar stadium to the Metroplex. On Thursday, team and city officials were at Globe Life Park to make a few announcements, and show off some concept art. Leading off was Texas Live, the entertainment complex they’re building adjacent to both the current ballpark and the new one.  It’ll feature a hotel, restaurants, event spaces, etc., and aims to draw tourists to Arlington. “They […]

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    Spice of Blythe: A Resolution You Can Keep!

    DALLAS — As we head into this new year, here’s an easy way to make life better: make sure you have what you need to cook a hot meal every day of the week.  All it takes are some secret ingredients. First is the most basic: ground meat.  Whether it’s beef, turkey, chicken or pork, ground meat is essential for meals from tacos to lasagna to spaghetti. Then, of course, there’s chicken.  You may think it’s boring, but think of all you can […]

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    Faith Johnson Sworn in as Dallas County District Attorney

    DALLAS — It’s another historic first at the Frank Crowley Courthouse in Dallas. Back in 2015, Judge Susan Hawk became the first female Dallas County District Attorney.  On Monday, the Honorable Faith Johnson became the county’s first black female DA. She’ll be in charge of a large group of assistant district attorneys and investigators, and promises to do her best. “I will do everything I can,” Johnson said during her remarks, “to prove worthy of his trust.” Yeah, it was Governor […]

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    On-Demand IV Drips Used to Fight Hangovers — But Does it Work?!

    DALLAS — Bringing in 2017 may have been cause for celebration, but for folks who used NYE as an excuse to get L-I-T, it may also have been the cause of some regret this morning. And sure, there are plenty of so-called hangover cures out there: water, pickle juice, eggs, and toast. But that’s sooo  last year. The “in” thing these days is IV treatment.  That’s right — an intravenous drip to replenish those nutrients you partied out the night before, […]

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    Meet North Texas’s Banjo-Making, Inked-Up, Kung-Fu Santa Claus

    OVILLA, TEXAS — Ever wonder what Santa Claus does once the presents are all delivered and Christmas is over? Well, meet Chuck Lee.  Chuck is a professional Santa Claus, at least during the Christmas season. But now, he says, “All my attire is at the cleaners and for me, the Santa season’s over.” Yep, for Santa Chuck, it’s back to the workshop.  He runs the Chuck Lee Banjo Company out of his backyard! And it’s kind of a big deal. […]

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    Wreck The Halls: Plano Haunted House Serves Up Winter-Themed Chills & Thrills

    PLANO — You might have thought the winter holidays meant you were safe from halloween-style scares, but the folks at Plano’s Dark Hour Haunted House say “Think again!” They’ve turned their whole building into a winter wonderland for their holiday-themed show, called Wreck the Halls. “When you first get into the show, you walk into falling snow,” said Dark Hour’s artistic director Allen Hopps. “We use that moment of people going ‘Oh, it’s snowing,’ and then, bam!  There’s a monster in your […]