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  • Future and history collide in high-tech exhibits at Fort Worth museum

    FORT WORTH — When you think of visiting a museum, you might picture a lot of standing, staring, and reading. But the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is trying to change all that, with some high-tech interactive exhibits. For example, Dino Labs, the newest of their galleries. “We added technology such as this Dino Stomp wall,” explained Dr. Doug Roberts, the Museum’s chief technology officer. “An array of monitors and a bunch of powerful computers behind the scenes, to […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Honor both past and present this Memorial Day

    DALLAS — Memorial Day is next week, and it’s an important time to slow down and reflect on the sacrifices made by those who came before us. It’s also a chance to take the day and celebrate the opportunities we have here in this great country because of those sacrifices. And what’s the best way to do that?  Cooking, of course! Whether you serve up a whole chicken or a rack of ribs, a fruit plate or a macaroni salad, a roast […]

  • Texas lawmakers move forward with new bathroom, adoption laws

    AUSTIN — Texas moved closer to passing two controversial new laws over the weekend, but did the state take two steps back in the process? On Sunday, the state House approved a new rule requiring public schools to provide single-person bathrooms for transgender students. It’s a watered-down version of the bathroom bill that’s been debated for months, but the arguments on both sides are the same as ever. Does this rule do enough to avoid singling out trans students for bullying […]

  • Watch how a makeover changes how people treat the homeless

    For part 1 of Pops’ story, visit here. DALLAS — After years of living on the streets this isn’t exactly an experience Canel, AKA Pops, can really comprehend. A dramatic transformation, a makeover that you see on the outside. But, internally it can affect the soul and confidence of this 70 year old. For ways to help Pops and to connect with HomeBless Life, click here. First, some skin work. Cleansing, massaging, and moisturizing, from the face to his fingers. […]

  • HomeBless Life: Do you ignore the homeless? A makeover can change you

    The kindness of strangers – it can brighten anybody’s day. But for the folks whose only home is a makeshift camp under a Dallas bridge? Their survival depends on gifts and help from people they don’t know. People who don’t know them. “I asked one of the homeless people once, ‘like what’s you lifestyle?’ and they said we don’t get anything unless someone gives it to us.” said Laterras R. Whitfield, who is out to bless the homeless with his HomeBless Life […]

  • WWII planes visit Dallas, remind us what heroes look like

    DALLAS — FIFI, the B-29 Superfortress, is just one of the WWII-era planes on display at the Dallas Executive Airport this weekend, and she’s one of the few opportunities still around to experience what America’s heroes lived through back in the day. “On take-off,” says David Oliver of the CAF, “we say it’ll chatter your teeth off, and it’ll smoke, and you’ll have all kinds of odors and smells. And you’ll love every second of it.” Safe to say, they […]

  • Paid to travel and drink?! Dallas “Beer Babe” scores sweet summer gig

    DALLAS — In a perfect world, most of us would have pretty simple summer plan: do some traveling, make a little extra money, drink a few beers. Well, Trina-Jo Pardo of Richardson has even better summer plans: all of the above! “Traveling and exploring,” said Pardo, “and tasting wonderful beer.” Yep, it’s called the Drink It Internship, from World of Beer. Trina-Jo was one of four interns chosen out of over 7,000 applicants. She’ll spend the summer traveling to breweries […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Explore the world through cheese!

    DALLAS — I’m on a mission to explore as much of the world as I can.  And when I can’t do it through actual travel, I do it through cheese! Cheese is amazing because it comes in different forms from all over the world.  It reflects different cultures and uses milk from a variety of animals. So, here’s a beginner’s guide to an extra cheesy world tour. Let’s start with France and a little truffle cheese.  Truffles combined with goat’s milk […]

  • New Toyota HQ opens in Plano while company looks to fly by 2020

    PLANO — The first wave of employees started Monday at the shiny new Toyota headquarters in Plano. “We’re gonna see 250 employees a week coming to the new facility through the fall,” said Plano’s Mayor, Harry LaRosiliere. That plan will keep Toyota’s estimated 4,000 employees from hitting the area all at once, but even if it comes in little waves instead of one big one, that’s thousands of new folks working in Plano – many coming in from across the country. A lot […]

  • Cinco do Mayo sparks bad jokes, hard feelings on Twitter

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Looking forward to drinking salsa, watching Speedy Gonzales, and speaking Spanish all day?? Well, that’s how former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joked he’d be spending his May 5, in a totally hilarious tweet… Not surprisingly, it didn’t go over too well.  Probably because it’s not so much a joke as a list of lazy stereotypes… Anyway, that’s not the only Cinco drama social media has to offer this year. It seems a lot of people think […]