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    North Texan’s gospel ode to Whataburger chicken biscuit goes viral

    McKINNEY, TX — It’s a well-documented fact that here in Texas, we love our Whataburger.  But maybe no one loves it quite as much as Fred Thomas of McKinney, also known as Pastor Fred. Last week, it was the chain’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit that had him singing its praises – literally! “I was just sitting in my driveway,” Thomas told NewsFix. “Didn’t even think about it too much, and bam!  Here it goes!” Bam is right!  Pastor Fred’s soulful […]

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    Trinity High transgender high school wrestler makes state championship, causing rules controversy

    EULESS — The ongoing debate over transgender policies has moved from the bathroom to the wrestling mat. 17-year-old Mack Beggs, a wrestler for Trinity High School, won his regional competition on Friday, placing him in this weekend’s state championship — in the girls division. Beggs is almost two years into a female-to-male transition.  Because he’s listed as female on his birth certificate, the UIL rulebook won’t let Mack wrestle boys.  So, he’s been competing – and winning – against girls all season. […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Make your birthday all about YOU!

    DALLAS — It’s a very special Spice of Blythe today – because it’s my birthday! I’m the type of person who likes to start celebrating my late-February birthday on February 1 and keep celebrating all the way through the end of December.  If you like birthdays as much as I do, you know the trick is to make sure everything (especially the food!) is just how you want it. So, if you like cake, there’s no better time for it!  Cut […]

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    City in the Netherlands throws “Lightlines” to “Smartphone Zombies”

    We might not have to fight the walking dead on the way to work just yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not living through a global zombie apocalypse of our own! We’re talking, of course, about “smartphone zombies.” You know, the folks who walk around town without looking up from their handy-dandy mobile devices. It can be a real problem, especially when traffic is involved. Apparently, the zombie infestation in the Netherlands is so bad, the city of Bodegraven has […]

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    High-tech new 3-D Heart Lab at Cook Children’s to be a game-changer for surgeons

    FORT WORTH — You might have noticed 3D printers doing some big things lately, in more ways than one. Today’s example comes from Fort Worth, where Cook Children’s Medical Center just opened their brand-new “3D aPPROaCH Lab.” “This lab was designed to enhance our ability to image patients who were born with congenital heart disease,” said Dr. Steve Muyskens, the pediatric cardiologist who’s in charge of the new 3-D lab. “We are both using virtual planning in a 3D viewer […]

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    Valentine’s Day love is in the air at Reunion Tower

    DALLAS — While some of us are still scrambling for last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas, some folks have been preparing for this day for a while. “Valentine’s Day is our Super Bowl,” said Katie Chaumont, spokesperson for Reunion Tower, one of Dallas’ most iconic buildings. “We say love is in the air here at Reunion Tower.” Yep, what says “romance” in the Big D like a trip up Reunion Tower? “This is the most romantic place in Dallas,” Chaumont said, “So […]

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    Plano still searching for answers after teens killed Friday in car crash

    PLANO — It seems everyone is looking for answers in Plano after a car accident late Friday night killed two 16-year-old girls, and left a third hospitalized. Here’s what we do know: The Porsche the teens were driving jumped a curb, hit a tree, and caught fire. Samantha Sacks and Lilly Davis, students at the nearby high school, did not survive. The third friend, Kendall Murray, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Now, police investigators are trying to […]

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    Wylie Police Chief pulls couple over – with good news!

    WYLIE — When you see police lights in the rearview mirror, it’s usually bad news. That’s certainly what Wayne Blackmore was expecting when he was pulled over last weekend in Wylie. He expected a ticket for not having a front license plate on his truck. But the stop, which Wayne’s wife Michelle recorded on her cell phone, ended a little differently. “Rules are put in place for a reason,” Chief Henderson of Wylie PD tells Blackmore in the video.  “And as a […]

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    Saving Plum Lane: Homeowners fight for independence against Frisco annexation

    RURAL McKINNEY, TX — A small North Texas community is fighting for its independence. A hidden little street called Plum Lane is home to Russwood Acres, a 27-home neighborhood nestled between McKinney and Frisco – and not a part of either city. “I love living here,” said Peggy Shehane, who’s lived on Plum for 39 years. “I love all the neighbors, and I love my two and a half acres where I can spend the day.” “I’ve had people who have […]

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    Brits putting body cams on school teachers — Could we be next?

    We all know body cameras have become more and more common for cops over the past few years, and their footage has been used over and over again to show the authorities – and the public – exactly what happened. Well, our friends across the pond have taken that idea a step further.  They’re putting those tiny recording devices on another authority figure… school teachers! According to The Times in the UK, teachers in at least two schools in England […]