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  • Chinese New Year’s 15-day celebration underway

    DALLAS – If you think your New Year’s party is pretty good, it’s probably got nothing on Chinese New Year as that version of the holiday lasts 15 days–and that doesn’t even include New Year’s Eve! “It’s almost like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, everything all rolled into one” says Sam Liu, who emceed the Crow Collection of Asian Art’s 19th annual celebration festival Saturday at NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, a day after the New Year began according to […]

  • Humane Society of North Texas searching for stolen dog

    FORT WORTH — The Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth is searching for a stolen dog, and it hopes to get him back quickly as he had just begun treatment for kennel cough and needs daily medication. An unidentified suspect entered the organization’s rehab facility Wednesday night and exited with two dogs. One, Sherman, was recovered the following morning thanks to tips from the community, tied to a tree and unharmed. Buster, a one-year-old tri-colored rottweiler, is still […]

  • Tarrant County College holds signing day to show how to cash in with community college

    FORT WORTH — Tarrant County College held a ‘Signing Day’ ceremony on Thursday – but not for athletes. Instead, it was part of a national Career and Technical Education Signing Day, with students committing to their vocational programs of choice. More than 40 colleges nationwide took part in an effort to showcase their students, who resisted the negative stereotypes of community colleges to get job training in high-demand trade fields like construction management and automotive services. “They always used to […]

  • Plano councilman apologizes for Facebook post

    PLANO — Plano city councilman Tim Harrison was in hot water for sharing an Islamophobic post on Facebook Tuesday night. Harrison shared a video titled “Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools” and left it on his page for nearly 16 hours before taking it down–shortly before Plano mayor Harry LaRosiliere held a press conference calling for Harrison to resign immediately. “Mr. Harrison’s position indicates he is unfit to represent this richly-diverse city,” said LaRosiliere, who […]

  • For Arlington couple, losing weight is sweeter than sweets

    ARLINGTON – Valentine’s Day means lots of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates flying off store shelves.  But Janelle and Daryl Holder are holding off on the sweets as they’ve lost a combined 125 pounds since last June, and they’re not stopping there. “It was a dream for me at one point to get thin again,” says Janelle.  “I’m living that dream now.” After topping out at 267 pounds and becoming diabetic, Janelle was 235 and Daryl was 237 when they decided […]

  • Watch out for ID theft with tax returns

    ARLINGTON — Tax-return identity theft has plummeted over the past two years thanks to increased efforts by the IRS and the tax industry, but you should still be careful when filing. Private wealth advisor Derrick Kinney says you should file early to avoid having a scammer beat you to it, shred all documents containing important information like your Social Security number and birth date (however you might want to hold onto your return for at least three years in case […]

  • AT&T Stadium ready to (Monster) Jam

    ARLINGTON — AT&T Stadium’s football turf has been replaced by about 350 truckloads of dirt as Monster Jam has arrived for its annual visit this Saturday. Monster Jam actually owns the dirt and reuses it each year, storing it in Fort Worth.  It takes about 12 hours to haul in, a day and a half to shape the course, and 12-18 hours to clean up and haul out–which the crew won’t have to do for a while as the Monster […]

  • Sick days not an option for some

    DALLAS — If this season’s widespread flu outbreak has hit you, you should stay home to rest and avoid spreading it to others.   But, for those who don’t have paid sick days or any job-protected leave, that might not be an option. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report released last March, only 72 percent of workers in this country had paid sick leave from their employer. Only 61 percent of those employed by smaller businesses (up to […]

  • Super Bowl ratings down in DFW

    DALLAS — It seems like a lot of Cowboys Nation did not want to witness a disliked dynasty vs. a despised rival in the Super Bowl as overnight TV ratings ranked Dallas-Fort Worth 46th out of 56 major markets with about 133,000 fewer local households tuned into the game compared to last year.  But cheer up, because the NFL Draft will be here in just three months! The NFL Draft will be held at AT&T Stadium from April 26-28, marking […]

  • Flu outbreak closes another DFW school

    PLANO — Prince of Peace Catholic School in Plano  became the latest local school to close down for a deep-cleaning to try to get rid of a flu outbreak on Tuesday.  The school plans to reopen on Thursday. Different counties keep different records when it comes to the flu, but Dallas County has already reported 54 flu-related deaths this season since Oct. 1. It reported only 17 all of last season. Statewide, the Texas Department of State Health Services combines influenza […]