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    Spice of Blythe: Make your birthday all about YOU!

    DALLAS — It’s a very special Spice of Blythe today – because it’s my birthday! I’m the type of person who likes to start celebrating my late-February birthday on February 1 and keep celebrating all the way through the end of December.  If you like birthdays as much as I do, you know the trick is to make sure everything (especially the food!) is just how you want it. So, if you like cake, there’s no better time for it!  Cut […]

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    Spice of Blythe: How to party outside the box!

    DALLAS — Planning a party?  You should be; there’s plenty to celebrate! Next time you do, forget the boring decorations, forget the boring menu, and SPICE it up a notch! Not just the food, either.  How about some decorations? How about choosing a time period? And how about dressing up all your friends in crazy costumes?? That’s what we did recently at the Pink Magnolia.  We threw the ultimate dinner party by dressing up the staff, inventing characters, and inviting […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Make your bowl party SUPER!

    DALLAS — It’s a good week to be a football fan!  Or if you just like an excuse to throw a party on a Sunday! So whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or just going to one, make sure you have the right food!  Need a place to start?  Here are some basics. First, the vegetable platter.  A bunch of fresh veggies, with some ranch dressing to make it taste so good you forget you’re eating healthy?  Can’t go […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Let Food Bring Us Together

    DALLAS — It’s a tough time to be an American right now.  The country is divided in two. And as sad as the division makes me, some things give me hope.  Like seeing so many women and children getting together to let their voices be heard. Speaking loudly is one thing we need, but another thing is common ground.  And what ground could be more common than food? So whether it’s baking a pie for your neighbor, sharing some ice […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Cooped Up? Time to Cook!

    DALLAS — Hey y’all, the weather in Dallas may not seem like it today, but it’s wintertime… And that means for all anyone knows you could be completely snowed in by this weekend. That’s what happened to me a couple weeks ago – for three days I couldn’t leave the house.  And yes, I had my beer and wine to get me through it, but I also had to eat, and that meant I had to cook. So here are some ideas for […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Car Fuel!

    DALLAS — Something awful happened to me the other day that I’m sure you can relate to: I was stuck in a traffic jam! Sitting there for two hours trying to make it four exits down the highway, I was tired, cranky, bored, and making it all worse, I was hungry. So I got to thinking about how I can avoid that in the future, and how you can too.  Here are some things you can keep in your car at […]

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    Spice of Blythe: A Resolution You Can Keep!

    DALLAS — As we head into this new year, here’s an easy way to make life better: make sure you have what you need to cook a hot meal every day of the week.  All it takes are some secret ingredients. First is the most basic: ground meat.  Whether it’s beef, turkey, chicken or pork, ground meat is essential for meals from tacos to lasagna to spaghetti. Then, of course, there’s chicken.  You may think it’s boring, but think of all you can […]

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    Spice of Blythe: New Year, New Booze!

    DALLAS — Here at the Spice of Blythe, you know we like to (responsibly!) enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, and soon we’ll have the best excuse of them all – New Year’s Eve! But NYE isn’t just an excuse to drink, it’s also a time for resolutions and finding ways to better our lives. In that spirit, we thought we’d give you some great ways to improve those cocktails you’re already enjoying, and to take it to […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Give Santa Something New!

    DALLAS — It’s Christmas time, y’all!  I’ve been thinking about the most important Christmas tradition of them all: Santa’s milk and cookies. And you know what?  I think we can do better. Start with the cookies.  Can you say boring?  Imagine eating the same chocolate chip cookies at house after house.  Sure it’s great for the first couple dozen, but after a while, you’re gonna wanna mix it up. Let’s mix it up in ways that bring the family together! […]

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    Spice of Blythe: Nog Up Your Holidays!

    DALLAS — Yet another of my very favorite seasons is upon us.  That’s right – it’s eggnog season! You know how some people looove their pumpkin and pumpkin spice?  Well, I am the queen of eggnog. But if you think we’re just putting eggnog in a cup and enjoying it like normal people… Wrong! For starters, let’s talk breakfast.  Yes, you can drink eggnog with breakfast, but what if you mix it in your pancake batter?  Spoiler alert:  It’s awesome. […]