Girl dresses up as commitment and tags ex – boyfriends

Breakups aren't pretty.

But a University of Minnesota student came up with a fun way to get back at her ex-boyfriends on Halloween.

Haleigh Conner dressed up as commitment, and tagged all of her exes.

Uh,  about a dozen of them.

She posted the picture to Social Media and wrote, "scariest thing I could think of #ShoutOutToMyExes.

scariest thing I could think of #shoutouttomyexes

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The post went  viral, and some of her exes are lovin' the attention.

But not everyone was a fan.  Some *bashed* her for having so many exes.

She clapped back at the haters, telling Buzzfeed that the exes are from Middle School, and that she's only been in one serious relationship.

On the flipside, a judge in Hawaii ordered a man to write 144 compliments about his ex-girlfriend.

Daren Young is accused of sending his ex  nasty messages and calls, after he was ordered not to contact her.

So the judge ordered him to write something nice about her, for every mean thing he said.

Hey, if you think relationships are scary. Try marriage.