Budding Business: Corona distributors to roll out weed-infused beverages

CANADA-- They say sex sells, but weed probably comes in a close second.

The makers of Corona are calling dibs on the cannabis commerce. Constellation Brands is set to roll out a pot-infused beverage. Can't actually call it "beer" because what they're brewing up will supposedly give you that other kinda buzz!

The beverage company's investing over a million dollars for this whole herb over hops idea.

Before you get your hopes too high, they're reportedly selling the bottled bhang in countries where marijuana is 100%. Which means we can't expect to see it on store shelves in the U.S. anytime soon.

Remember us talking about the whole sex and weed thing? Well,  A new study suggests that Mary Jane can really heat up your bedroom experience.

After reportedly analyzing 50,000 Americans, researchers at Stanford University claim marijuana smokers had a higher sex drive than non-smokers.

Turns out, over the course of a year the study says marijuana users were having sex 20 times more. They didn't quite come up with a reason why these numbers are so (ahem) high.

But, bottom line,  looks like a lil' weed goes a long way in the bedroom.