A woman used a Sephora makeup sample…Now she’s suing them!

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Whether you're an eyeliner newbie or a contour queen, anyone who knows anything about makeup knows one thing: beware the samples!

Well one woman found that out the hard way after she used a lipstick sample at a Sephora store in California, and says she got herpes on her lips!

The woman said she never had the disease before, and was diagnosed after using a sample back in 2015. We all know what she did next! She filed a big fat lawsuit against Sephora for emotional distress over an "incurable lifelong affliction." You know, since covering it up with more makeup probably isn't the best plan.

A makeup sample is one of those things you just don't put on, like swimsuits and hats. You never know what could be hiding in all those nooks and crannies.