Make it rain this holiday season with the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

DALLAS- Happy Halloween! It's time to buy some Christmas presents!

With a little bubbly and some holiday cheer, Neiman Marcus unveiled their 91st Christmas Book of Fantasy gifts.  You'll have plenty of time to head to Park Place and grab the Rolls-Royce your spouse has been asking for.

And don't worry, there are still some items in the catalog you can afford without having to be a starter for the Cowboys.

"We have over 800 items in The Christmas Book, and over 50 percent of them are under $250, so there really is something for everyone," said a representative from Neiman Marcus.

And there are even some items that go towards a good cause!

So, whether you're looking for a $250,000 experience at the Ryder Cup, or just a casual $150,000 getaway to design your own cuvée, Neiman Marcus has your back.