Pothole of the Day: Burden in the ‘Burbs

MESQUITE--We show you a lot of potholes in the big cities of the Metroplex, but the 'burbs get 'em, too.

"We really have a lot of potholes and they need to be fixed," David Garza told NewsFix in Mesquite.

The one we found in Mesquite doesn't look so bad from a distance. But once you get up close, you see a tire-eater.

it's on Faithon P. Lucas, Sr., Blvd. at Newsom Rd.

David has a message to the city of Mesquite about the potholes.

"We really need 'em fixed."

Is there a pothole in your neighborhood that's taking a bit out of your tires? Tell us about it on our Facebook page. It could be our next Pothole of the Day.