DFW Woman Streams Breast Augmentation Live!

DALLAS, TX - Well, this is something you don`t see every day - a breast augmentation surgery being streamed live.

"What`s going on?!" asks Ashley Devonna joking. You may remember her from our story earlier this week.

She`s the youtube star who makes a living posting on social media, and Friday, she was all smiles before going under the knife.

"I`m really open and transparent with my audience," she says, "they have honestly helped me get to every point of my life."

"First off I`m very proud of Ashley," says her father Gene Jones, "she`s worked very hard to build her brand and she`s done a fantastic job of sticking in there during some really tough times."

Jones and Dovonna both emphasized getting the surgery shouldn`t be a shameful thing.

"I was to be quite candid with you a little concerned when she first mentioned it, actually that was some years ago," says her father.

"This is just to let everyone know that this is okay," says Ashley, "it`s my personal choice and there`s absolutely nothing wrong with streaming this live. It`s very educational for anyone intrigued or interested."

Her father says now he feels comfortable because of the great doctors and staff.

"This is Ashley`s journey," says Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Farah Khan, "it doesn`t necessarily mean this is anyone else`s journey."

Thousands of views later, and less than an hour after surgery she's awake and feeling great - and she should be good to go about her normal routine this weekend!

WATCH: Facebook Video of Ashley's Breast Augmentation Surgery