Google ‘Doodle’ celebrates Hip Hop’s Birthday with interactive turntables

For those who have no clue when, where, or how Hip Hop came about not only can you Google it but you can doodle it! The search engine is paying Hip Hop homage to DJ Kool Herc for creating the genre 44 years ago -- in heart of Da Bronx!

All it took was some turn tables, a mic, music "breaks" and a back to school jam!

Not only can you doodle the history lesson, you can scratch it too! But, don't get too caught up with creativity. Save time and listen to Fab 5 Freddy narrate a short video about the Hip Hop honor.

Yo! Google, you out did ya self with this one! If you haven't checked it out you might want to get to Googlin' soon 'cause it'll be gone tomorrow!