Americans are drinking more than ever, especially women!

Americans are drinking more than they used to - a lot more.

A new report in the Jama Psychiatry Journal says 30 million adults are binge drinking at least once a week.

Researchers say women in particular are hitting the bottle more than ever.

Psychotherapist Alexis Michael joined Morning Dose on Thursday and said it's because women are catching up with men.

"Women are drinking a lot more, but the stigma of drinking has gone down for women," she said.

The study says you can blame the heavy marketing of flavored vodkas and hard lemonades for that.

So, what exactly is binge drinking?

Researchers say for men, binge drinking is having five or more drinks within two hours. And for women, it's four in two hours.

There's no single explanation for the increase, but the study says economic stress and the aftermath of the great recession could be contributing factors.

Whatever the reason is, we just gotta know when to put the bottle down.