Sweet relief! App lets you know when to go pee during movies

DALLAS -- We've all been there.

Squirming in our seats at the movies looking for the perfect time to hit the bathroom without missing "the good part."

Now an app called RunPee is here to help.

It tells you the best time to go number one, and how much time you have to spend on the porcelain throne without missing an important scene.

"You pick out the movie that you're going to see, and it'll usually give you two to four pee times that we've picked out during this movie that we think you can miss without losing the flow of the movie," said Chief Pee-Time Officer at RunPee, Dan Florio.

Florio says the app is all about making sure you answer nature's call at just the right time.

"Of course, we give you a synopsis of what you've missed if you do decide to take a break," Florio said.

The app's free for Android and iPhone users, and will put a timer on your tinkle.