WATCH: R. Kelly calls sex cult rumors ‘crap’ while promoting tour

LOS ANGELES -- R. Kelly is no longer trapped in the closet. He's finally cracked the door and peeked his head out to say this:

Sounds like Kellz is calling all those sex cult allegations "crap" via Twitter. We hadn't heard a word from the singer since those rumors surfaced more than a week ago.

One of his alleged captives, Joycelyn Savage, is fed up with her family and has denied all allegations against her and Kelly on camera. Savage's own Mom says she and other girls are being held against their will at R Kelly's home.

Considering R. Kelly's rep, it was pretty easy for several people to take this story and run with it.

On the other hand, several faithful fans responded to R Kelly's new Twitter video basically supporting the singer. Some even tweeted they'll still buy tickets to his show!