Spice of Blythe: Support Your Neighborhood Farmers Markets Part 2!

PLANO -- In the second part of the series, Pink Magnolia chef, Blythe Beck, heads out to the Plano Farmers Market to talk about supporting and showing some love to your neighborhood farmers and artisans!

First up,  Blythe  visits Jerry at Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef out of Montague Texas. No antibiotics, hormones, grains, or corn for this meat!

Next,  Demetri and his wife make their food with love at Greek Mama's Bites. They had Blythe take home some delicious Baklava, Spanakopita, and some tasty wedding cookies!

Spice of Blythe this week: "Get out in your neighborhood, support your local farmers, your local artisans, and be proud to have Texas products, Texas food, and just love-on the great state we get to live in!"