Teddy Hunt: 4-year-old’s missing bear found at Love Field

DALLAS – Little Luke Swofford can play with his best bud again!

Hanging out with my friends at #DallasLoveField, waiting on my best bud to take me home. #TeddyBear #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome

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Luke was traveling with his grandparents from Estes Park, Colorado to Love Field when “Teddy Bear” disappeared without a trace. The loss had hit him pretty hard.

“We know he’s just a bear at the end of the day, but they’re very special and a very special part of childhood, so he’s been sad,” Nikki Swofford, Luke’s mom, told NewsFix. “If we can get him back, that would be great. That would be amazing.”

Thanks to staff at Love Field, Luke and Teddy Bear will be reunited soon!