McDonald’s releases clothing line in efforts to promote McDelivery Service

Watch out Balmain, McDonald's is comin' for ya!

Looks like the fast-food-chain is entering the fashion industry.

That's right, McDonald's is starting its own clothing line as a plan to promote their McDelivery Service, which launches back in May.

The McDelivery Collection includes a Big Mac onesie, a McMuffin sweatshirt and a World Famous McDonald's hoodie.

And you can get your hands on these items free, this Wednesday, with a McDelivery purchase from a participating McDonald's restaurant.

Well, it doesn't look like fast-food giants are playing around.

KFC recently released its own clothing line, which includes some fried chicken socks, shirts, and a finger-lickin' good necklace.

And if you've got some extra cash laying around, how about a $20,000 Zinger Meteorite? A real, space-made meteorite from space!

Sorry, that's sold out.

But now when we think of fast-food, it's more than just satisfying hunger, it's making a fashion statement.