Fake News Alert! Just kidding, but there is a new smartphone Fake News Game!

PLANO -- We`ve heard a lot about this, "fake news" concept recently, but we have a story for you that is decidedly, not fake news.

A fake news game came out just days ago, created by the digital agency, ISL.

Basically, a headline pops up,  if you think it`s true, you swipe right, if not, you swipe left. You have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible.

Sounds simple enough right?

Well, let`s see how people did...

"Let`s play..."

"Three, two one..."

"Wouldn`t be surprised so let`s go with real? It was fake..."

"Real... no!!"

"Real, oh never mind.."

"Let`s say it`s true. Oh, he doesn`t."

But only showing you those reactions would be fake news! There were some correct ones in there...

"That`s fake news, and... I was correct."

"I got one right!"

"Oh, I got one! - Nice!"

"Game over..."

And there are some lessons to be learned...

"You don`t have to believe everything that the internet says, or the social media says and it`s really important to be aware of [that] news."

"I thought it was really funny how you can`t really tell if it`s going to be real or fake or not."

"Anyone that listens to the news should be with skepticism."

Now the only question is, can we trust the game? We`ll leave that up to you to decide.