Terminally ill teen teams-up with a lingerie company to fight domestic violence

One terminally ill teen in New Zealand is devoting her life to helping victims of sexual abuse.

17-year-old Eva McGauley was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer two years ago, but it didn't stop her from achieving her dreams - like helping others in need.

She recently teamed up with lingerie brand, Lonely Lingerie, for a photo shoot to help make a statement about domestic violence.

The company then decided to commit a full-day's sales to Eva's charity.

Eva joined Morning Dose., Wednesday via -Skype to talk about the experience.

"They got in touch with me during Christmas-time and gave me a bunch of free stuff, and from there our friendship grew. And yeah, I did a modeling shoot for them, " she said.

Eva and Lonely Lingerie, together, raised $15,000 for Eva's Wish.

The company posted a statement on their Instagram, writing, "It has been an absolute privilege to connect with Eva and to be able to help her dream of making a positive difference in the world."

Now that's one young woman who's making things happen.