Dear John… Pregnant Serena serves McEnroe a classy clap-back for ‘offensive’ comments

LOS ANGELES, CA -- When it comes to tennis, Serena Williams is considered a queen of the court, even with a baby on board. The 35-year-old's serving major pregnancy goals on the most recent cover of Vanity Fair.

But, like most women carrying around another person for months, you're quick to clap-back at anyone who comes for you. So, It's no surprise Serena gave former pro-tennis player John McEnroe  a rather nice "reply" for his seemingly offensive comments. McEnroe called Serena the best female player ever but claims if she went up against the men's circuit she'd be ranked 700!


In response, Serena wrote a little 'Dear John' letter or "tweets".

Tuesday McEnroe (sort of)  apologized on CBS This Morning.