Gay Pride is in session but not every state’s feeling the “love”

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Gay Pride month has painted cities across the country in the colors of the rainbow.

Even Houston Police Department has decked out their ride rainbow style and it's all in support of the LGBT community during the city's annual pride parade.

But there's not much unity in Minnesota.  After finding out that the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Philando Castile was found not guilty in the court of law Twin Cities Pride is turning their backs on law enforcement. That includes the city's first openly gay police chief, Janee Harteau.

In an open letter to the parade's director, Harteau expressed her feelings about not being welcome to march.


For the LGBT community in Mississippi,  the law is what they claim has turned their backs on them. The state's Religious Objection Law has finally been given the green light. It allows churches, businesses and government employees the right to deny services to same-sex couples based on religious beliefs. Last year, a judge blocked it, but this week an appeals court lifted that block.