Giraffe calf makes debut at the Dallas Zoo

DALLAS--Just a few weeks after he was born, a giraffe calf made his first public appearance at the Dallas Zoo on Wednesday.

"It is World Giraffe Day, so it seemed an appropriate day for us to introduce Tsavo, who is our newest giraffe calf, to our guests and members here at the zoo," said Harrison Edell, Vice-President of Animal Operations and Welfare at Dallas Zoo.

"He is about three weeks old. At birth, he was 150 pounds and about 5'11", so this is a big baby," Edell said.

"Mom is doing a tremendous job," Edell continued. " This is her third calf here at Dallas Zoo, so she's definitely got this down.  The little one has the ropes pretty quickly."

Tsavo was born on May 30.