‘Bus for Hope’ fundraiser helps North Texas kids with special needs

DALLAS - Water fights on the last day of school are the best!

Cindy Chadwick`s son, Wes, is among the group of kids at "It`s a Sensory World," which is a non-profit gym, center, and school for children with special needs.

"Teacher ran out into the parking lot and followed me out," says Cindy. "And she goes, I want him in my class, and nobody has ever said that, Nobody has every said to me that they wanted Wes and I knew in that moment before even going forward, that it was a great place to be."

More than just therapy, education and a chance for kids to play without judgment, it`s a chance for families to have a sense of normalcy.

"It`s hard for my family to go out and just be a typical family at a restaurant," explains Cindy.

"It is a huge part of our program for kids to get out into the community and also for the community to see our kids," says Angela Stephens who co-founded ISW 10 years ago with Rekha Suryanarayana.

And with enrollment on the rise, getting around, even if it`s a field trip to the grocery story, is getting tougher.

But they have a plan!

"Our campaign is called a Bus for Hope," says Director of Development and Co-founder Priya Patel.

"The school needs a school bus for safe transportation to get out into the community to practice the skills that they`ve learned in the school," says Reagen Anderes who's on the Board of Directors.

The goal is to raise $20,000 for the bus, maintenance, and insurance for a year of once a week field trips.

"Our kids deserve all the things that other kids have,' says Angela.

Wes`s brother Will, seconds that, "Sure, the kids with challenges might seem different on the outside, but on the inside they`re the same as everybody else."

Even if you can`t donate, they say awareness, a Facebook share or a like will do.