Bad hair, don’t care? Twitter calls out Victoria’s Secret for model’s messy do

COLUMBUS, OH -- So what's got Twitter ticked off today? Well, apparently Victoria's Secret does. We all know nothing is actually kept a "secret" when Twitter gets a hold of it.

Like one V.S. model's hair. If you're confused, the call for help is apparently about her messy side braid.

BTW the model's name is Zuri Tibby who has been featured on clothing websites-- like this one with ASOS.

You guessed it ... her messy bun was also shamed here too.

Which made Tweeters even more mad:


Bottom line: people feel as though Zuri's hair isn't "up to par" like they think a "white" models' would be. This isn't the first time a black models crown hasn't been #hairgoals for social media. This today show segment of a host "styling" ethnic hair had people furious!


But to be fair ... we did find some hair styles on Zuri that weren't so bad!

So far, VS's lips have been sealed since the backlash surfaced.