Fly Selfie: Jet Blue to launch ‘selfie-boarding system’ in select cities

NORTH TEXAS -- Now you'll actually have a reason to get fly for that airport selfie.

Well,  that's if you fly Jet Blue.

They'll be the first airline to launch a program where passengers can take a head-shot for their flight instead of scanning a boarding pass.

Let's face it, those pesky papers or app-based boarding passes are SO yesterday. Imagine just being able to walk up to a camera, snap a pic, and walk right through?!

Sounds pretty fly right?

Well, critics have already found a few downsides to the new "selfie-boarding" system.

For example, privacy risks: Could the new system store your photo for other purposes beyond your weekend getaway.

Well there's always a catch, right?!

Like those super low prices Southwest just rolled out.

Only problem is that a one-way flight from Dallas for $49 doesn't quite have your dream vacay choices.

Just saying!