Don’t forget to #SaySomethingNice today!

PLANO - June 1st isn`t just the *true start of the summer months. It's national Say Something Nice Day.

So we asked people walking in downtown Plano to say something nice!

"Have a great day?"

"We should spend a lot more time being nice to one another."

Apparently, this day goes back to 2006 when a South Carolina mayor, Keith Summey decided June 1 was the day to hear something good.

Well, Summey, we'd have to agree with you.

"It`s a beautiful day in Plano!"

"I hope everyone has a good day!'

Something nice meant something different to everyone.

"Be kind every day, fill every day with love and just be kind to each other."

"XO Coffee is phenomenal."

"Having a fun time, just got my hair cut."

"We are looking forward to eating at Lockhart."

For Katie and Haden, something nice was a bit of romance.

"He has a really cool shirt - she`s the best girlfriend I ever had."

But what if we asked about President Trump?

"Donald Trump? He`s got great kids!"

"Ha ha ha, I don`t know about that."

"To Trump? Yeah, have an AWESOME presidency."

"Make America strong again."

"He`s our POTUS."

Let`s go ahead and finish with some extra sweet ones for ya.

"Tomorrow is Plano`s birthday and I hope everybody has a great day and goes and gets a cupcake."

"Have a piece of chocolate! Make you smile."

We should probably all follow that sound advice and if you haven't already, #SaySomethingNice.