Pothole of the Day: Close to Home for some Carrollton Residents

CARROLLTON--Folks here don't have to go too far from home to encounter today's pothole.

It's in the heart of Carrollton at Josey Lane and Paxton Drive.

It lines up perfectly with your tires. When traffic gets heavy, it's hard to miss.

"It's a bummer!" Greg Ponch told us.

Greg knows how bad potholes can be.

"It tears your front end up if it don't tear anything else up," he said. "It definitely tears the front end of a car up when you hit a pothole."

He's got one message for the city.

"Fix the potholes!"

Is there a pothole that's tearing up your car? Tell us about it on our Facebook page. It could be our next Pothole of the Day.