Wanna buy a jail?

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DALLAS — In the market for that dream home, or maybe that perfect office space? Well look no further than the Dawson State Jail!

Yeah, the jail, which closed back in 2013, is still sitting empty and up for sale. The penitentiary property has a lot of pros--all the cons have moved out.

According to the official online listing, the jail comes in at over 230,000 square feet, and of course, it comes with a state of the art security system, plenty of private parking, and it’s walking distance from Downtown Dallas.

We can think of plenty of uses for the joint, too. The jail could turn into a nice themed apartment, a pretty sweet haunted house come Halloween, or the best fortress in town in case of a zombie apocalypse.

As for the price tag on this slammer? Well, it’ll probably run you about $4,000,000, but that’s only around 16 bucks per square foot. That’s practically a steal!

So who’s got the big money to buy up this big house and get into a place that everyone else wanted to get out of?