Study says sleep deprivation can lead to your brain eating itself 😳

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A new study claims that chronic sleep deprivation can cause the brain to eat itself!

Michele Bellesi of the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy published an analysis in the Journal of Neuroscience which tested brains of mice who had regular sleep, sleep deprivation, spontaneous wake and chronic sleep deprivation.

After analyzing the mice, scientist found astrocytes cells, cells that break down, or eat, more brain debris, in mice who were more sleep deprived.

So is this bad? Not necessarily.

The astrocytes cells could be helping your brain “clean up” old brain “debris.”

What you should worry about is how a lack of sleep affects your immune system.

The study also found that chronic sleep restrictions led to an increase of microglial activation, the body’s primary cells for the immune system. Low level sustained activation of these cells can lead to serious brain disorders, leading scientists to believe that this is more concerning.