Beauty sleep is important, and bald is beautiful than men with hair

DALLAS -- Do others tend to ignore you when you're lookin' tired?

Well, then maybe you should start taking "beauty sleep" more seriously. Why? Because, apparently, it really does matter!

According to a new study, sleep doesn't only make you look and feel better - but others will want to be around you more.

Guess coffee can only do so much.

Speaking of first impressions turns out it's not the "Bold and the Beautiful" - but more like the "Bald and the Beautiful".

Researchers recently found that women think bald men look more intelligent and masculine than men with hair!

Women who participated in the study were shown pictures of the same men with both a full head of hair and a shaved one.

And the no-hair look was a hit!

Apparently, the bald headed pictures of the men were perceived as them being more confident and taller than they actually were.

Now, this is important: men with a bald patch, or a head that isn't completely shaved, were seen as less attractive and weaker.

Guess what we really discovered here is that if you get plenty of sleep and are a bald man, you'll be fending people off left and right!