Cops: Mom beat son for not getting her a Mother’s Day card!

SPARTANBURG, SC — A South Carolina woman is being dubbed “Mommie Dearest.” But this time, we’re not talking about wire hangers.

Cops in Spartanburg say Shontrell Murphy lost it because her 6-year-old son didn’t get her a Mother’s Day card. Murphy reportedly started beating the boy on the head when she realized he made his grandmother a card, but didn’t get her anything.

Shontrell Murphy (Spartanburg Detention Center)

When cops showed up to the home, sadly, her other two kids said this isn’t the first time. They claim mom hits them on “a regular basis.”

Officers heard enough and hauled Murphy off to jail.

“Mommie Dearest” is out on bond and, hopefully, getting help to fix the bond with her kids. So then maybe next year, she’ll finally get a Mother’s Day card.