Non-profit in need of a new truck to aid first responders

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DALLAS-- When folks with Dallas Fire-Rescue are on the scene, things really heat up.

“It’s definitely an experience,” said Nathan Seawood with Dallas Fire-Rescue. “To go in and see the flame and to know that you're really making a difference. And it's important for us to have someone to support us when we come out and take breaks and go back in.”

And that’s when you call in Box 4, the completely volunteer non-profit, to cool down things down.

“What we provide is anything they might need when they come out of the fire to cool down,” Jason Ladewig with Box 4 said.

“So whether it be through drinks or snacks or moral support whatever we need to get back to do our jobs, they’ve been a big help and blessing for our fire department,” Seawood said

Whenever there is a major fire, they’re on the scene in their custom truck.
And now that truck is on its last wheels.

After responding to a two-alarm fire Monday morning, the 14-year-old truck shut down and had to be towed from the scene.

“So today's problem, hopefully, we will be able to get it fixed and it won't be too bad,” Ladewig said. “But it’s not cheap to fix anything anymore, and when we start seeing these problems starting to happen we know it's time to start looking for funding for a new unit.”

They have started a GoFundMe page to raise the cash to get things rolling again with a brand new unit.

“We’re just shy of $100 right now. The unit will cost considerably  more than that but right now we just want to get to our $10,000 goal.”

The folks with Box 4 are working out of their backup unit right now, which is actually owned by the salvation army. But after the smoke clears on this, they can get back to doing what they do best.