HomeBless Life: You’ll never look at homeless people the same way again

You see them all over town.

Asking for money on the side of the road or living under a bridge.

Every night in North Texas, more than 3,000 people sleep in shelters. Nearly 1,500 aren't that lucky, sleeping on the street.

Maybe you give them a buck and you wonder why they're on the street instead of in a shelter.

You want to help.

But you don't know how.

NewsFix teams up with HomeBless life to change lives.

From providing a dry place to sleep to boosting spirits, one face at a time, to taking the first steps toward a better life.

Laterras Whitfield is on a mission. To turn these lives around, one at a time

See what you can do to help! Newsfix, HomeBless Life and you.

Building hope.

Rebuilding lives.

You'll never look at homeless people the same way again.