Fallen Peace Officers Day: Trump honors Dallas Five; Library still collecting memorial items

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WASHINGTON DC — Monday marked the annual Peace Officers Memorial Day, and at a special ceremony in Washington, President Trump honored all the officers who died the past year, including the Dallas Five.

“We also remember those incredible heroes who were so cruelly targeted for execution in Dallas, Texas,” the president said. "Rushing into a hail of gun fire, never to return.”

Back at home, the memories of last July’s tragedy are kept alive at the Dallas Public Library. The items from the memorial that formed in front of DPD headquarters have been collected and preserved here, and more tokens of appreciation arrive all the time.

“Things like cards and memorabilia from other police stations have kept coming in,” said Heather Lowe. “We actually just got a bench, which it’s this beautiful photo bench that came in last week, so it’s pretty much something that’s still on people’s hearts and minds.

And some of the items here that mean the most are the ones that might not so obviously stand out.

“It’s the very clearly loved children’s toy or there’s this baseball that’s very clearly worn,” Lowe said. “But it looks like maybe it’s someone’s game ball, so it’s things that probably children left.”

So from the commander-in-chief to a kid with the baseball, we remember these fallen heroes. Let’s make sure it’s not just for today.