You’ll love the way Dallas Cops wrote a press release. No “butts” about it!

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DALLAS--Usually, when we hear cops talk about a crime, it sounds like this:

"Suspects then flee the location southbound second avenue towards Florence and unknown direction on Florence."

Throw in a few perpetrators, juveniles, altercations, and multiple lacerations.

We can call that "Copspeak."

But every once in a while, we get some "plain talk" from the cops.

Like when cops told us about a report of shots fired Wednesday in northeast Dallas.

Check out this line from the press release:  "The complainant stated that he felt like something hit him on the butt."

Wait. Where?

Okay, that's a word most of us hear a lot, just not usually from a cop.

But wait there's more. The press release said, "the complainant had a scratch on his left rear butt cheek."

Well, it's nice to know cops are finally speaking the same language the rest of us speak.

No, no wise cracks here.

We don't like to make cops the butt of our jokes.

Besides, we're glad they turned the other cheek.